Yuri (Citron)


Gender Female
Job Former Citron member
Seiyū Japanese flag Maaya Uchida

US flag Monica Rial

Anime Debut Episode 5

Yuri (ゆり Yuri) is the former member of Citron and an old friend of Kanon. Her actual name is unknown, for "Yuri" is more-likely her stage name.

Character Outline


She was only seen briefly in Kanon's flashback, in which Kanon still had long hair. Yuri was a very happy girl with the dream to perform at Naru Hall. She has a considerably perfect voice and always sings with joy. But for some unknown circumstances, the group had split up and Kanon deviated from the group and started to perform solo. Two years later, after Kanon had become a successful solo idol, she and Lime sent Kanon flowers to give her courage to perform at the Narusawa Seaside Hall.

Character History

Idol Arc

She is seen briefly when Kanon where is staring at her phone. In Kanon's flashback, it was shown that they had a dream to perform in the Narusawa Seaside Hall. Their popularity eventually fades, leading to Kanon going solo. When Kanon succeeded in performing at the Narusawa Seaside Hall, Yuri and Lime sent flowers to Kanon to give Kanon courage.



She has a good relationship with the leader of Citron.

Kanon Nakagawa

She has a good relationship with Kanon. She sent her flowers alongside with Lime to give Kanon courage on stage.


  • Yuri's name refers to the flower by the name "Lily".
  • Neither Yuri nor Lime ever appeared in the manga, they only had a brief appearance in one of Kanon's 4-koma.

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