Within a Divided Heart

Chapter 19

Ishin bunshin
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.19[1]
Volume Volume 3
Arc Kusunoki Kasuga Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 13.0
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A Lone Flower Blooming
A Victory and a Crushing Defeat

Within a Divided Heart (以心分心, Ishin bunshin) is the 19th chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Keima asking Kusunoki to become her pupil

After Keima and Elsie found out that the next target was Kusunoki, they went to the gymnasium. Elsie explained her background, but Keima immediately took the opportunity to become her pupil. Due to Kusunoki having no other pupil as they found her too 'extreme' and quit two days after she became the captain, it became easier for Keima to act out of character without raising suspicion. Kusunoki remembered Keima from the other day (when the delinquents were about to bully him) and Keima asked if he can master the spirit of fighting.

They get into an argument but soon enough, Keima triumphed and became part of the Girl's Karate Team. His official title was "Male Manager". In the next scene, the same delinquents commented on how Keima joined the Girl's Karate Team and berates both of them. Kusunoki overheard them and silenced them. This is followed by a scene of her eating some hard rice crackers (Captain and Disciple 1.) In Captain and Disciple 2 (another scene), Keima found a cat that appeared to enter the dojo quite often and, Kusunoki asks for Keima to get rid of it. In Captain and Disciple 3, a development of the previous scene is shown where she tried to get rid of the cat. It also mentioned that she preferred hard and dry rice crackers.

Kusunoki Happy

Kusunoki happily playing with a cat

After Keima finished doing odd 'household' chores to build up his strength, he complained to Elsie that something in the combination of her personality, her preferences, and her status being the holder of a Spirit did not add up. It was here that he discovered the reason; Kusunoki started playing with the cat she tried to get rid of, despite her masculine attitude. Kusunoki saw Keima noticing her moment of weakness and quickly tried to get rid of the cat and cover up.

Keima and Elsie were hidden and sound-proof thanks to Elsie's Hagoromo, and followed Kusunoki. Thanks to her being spotted by Keima, Kusunoki attempted to throw the cat off the building. She stated that she must get rid of her other personality and that weaknesses were not necessary. Kusunoki readied herself to throw the cat off the balcony, but a voice told her not to do it. An explanation of how her entire life had been revolved about becoming strong then followed, for she was the head of the Kasuga Style and as such could no longer be a woman.


Kusunoki splits into two

She managed to gather the rage to throw the cat off but it is saved by a ghostly hand. Turning around, she was shocked to see another ghostly image of herself appearing in the 'materialized' form and saving the cat. This was revealed to be her feminine side, the one that prefers weakness of cute and soft things. Keima and Elsie saw her second side for the first time in total shock.