With Three Knights There Must Be a Mate

Chapter 79

Sankei atte tsumanu koto nashi
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.79[1]
Volume Volume 9
Arc Shogi Girl Arc
Chapter Guide
All is Fair in the Endgame
An Intrusion in Pajamas

With Three Knights There Must Be a Mate (三桂あって詰まぬことなし, Sankei atte tsumanu koto nashi) is the 79th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Elsie gives a report of a fierce battle between Nanaka Haibara and Tenri Ayukawa (Diana) commences. Keima Katsuragi, watches the match as the representative of the onlookers. Keima sees that the match is one sided to Diana's advantage.

With each move Diana makes, Nanaka becomes more uneasy and begins to shed tears. But Keima tells Nanaka that she hasn't lost yet. Nanaka replies that she is aware and wipes tears, saying how the match isn't going as her thoughts. As Diana makes her next move, Nanaka's king is in danger. Keima thinks that this time, the result doesn't matter and that she has to reach something beyond that. Nanaka makes her next move not wanting to lose. Giving Nanaka a good offence and defence all together, however, Diana doesn't even flinch. Nanaka thinks to herself that she must continue to attack or else she will definitely lose.


Nanaka's victory

But as Diana continues to make her move, Nanaka becomes anxious and begins to shed tears again while holding onto Keima's right hand tightly. Keima tries to encourage Nanaka and tells her to win as they've been training all night. Diana who was watching two being so close becomes irritated and messes up. Allowing Nanaka to call checkmate. Diana tries to think of her next move, but is unable to find it. Nanaka is overjoyed and hugs Keima and rolls on the grass.


Nanaka kisses Keima

That night, Nanaka celebrates her victory at Keima's house. But Keima tells her to go home, and walks Nanaka home. On their way home, Nanaka states that she knew she would win, because she had a third 'knight'. She tells Keima that she thinks she's just drunk. Still she thanks him and gives him a kiss, releasing the spirit within her. Back at Tenri's house, Diana is asks Tenri if she's not worried about what Keima is doing. Tenri is not, for she is beyond happy, being next door to him again.


Diana visits

Later in the night, in Keima's room, Keima wonders why he supported Nanaka, when it wouldn't have mattered if she won or not. As he is thinking this, from the window, Diana appears, asking if she can talk with him.


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