With…you…(TV EDIT) ED

English Title With…you…
Song Type Anime Theme Song
Character Haqua du Lot Herminium
Seiyū Saori Hayami
Album Kaminomi Character Song- Track 000
Release Date September 4, 2013

With…you…(TV EDIT) is the special ending theme song of the The World God Only Knows Megami-hen episode 10.


Translated by GreenMoriyama

Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics
青い空を Aoi sora wo The blue sky
一緒に眺めてた  Issho ni nagame teta  we gazed at together
今日は少し雰囲気違うね Kyō wa sukoshi fun'iki chigau ne Today, there is a different atmosphere
素直に云えないけれど Sunao ni ienai keredo Though I can't say the truth
キミのこと凄いと想ってる Kimi no koto sugoi to omotteru I think that you are amazing
儚いほど美しきセカイ Hakanai hodo utsukushiki sekai A world more beautiful than it is fickle
運命が戸惑う夜にも With…You… Unmei ga tomadou yoru ni mo With…You… Even on the nights when fate is bewildered,
誰よりいちばん近くにいたい Dare yori ichiban chikakuni itai I want to be closer to you than anyone else
明日を照らす季節の中で… Asu wo terasu kisetsu no naka de… Within the scenery that shines upon tomorrow...

Listen Now

TWGOK Megami-hen ending Haqua With You Episode 1001:30

TWGOK Megami-hen ending Haqua With You Episode 10

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