Differences between the Manga

Due to the massive amount of changes and differences between the manga and the anime, this list was made to prevent the original article from overloading.

Changes from the manga and anime

  • In the manga. Diana told Keima to marry Tenri right after Tenri's conquest. In the anime, it was moved further to comply with the plot.
  • Similarly, Diana's explanation of Heaven, Hell and Earth and her request for Keima's help to locate her sisters were originally much earlier. This too, was moved to the Goddesses Arc.
  • In the manga, during the English test, Apollo manifested via a reflection on Kanon's pencil case. This was changed to her cellphone in the anime.
  • All of Fiore's scenes in the anime were removed or given to Lune.
  • During the second bathroom talk with Apollo, in the manga, Kanon opened the door and saw Fiore in front of her, not realizing that Fiore was using a Vintage sensor to confirm that Kanon was a goddess host. The anime changed it to Lune running away from Kanon before she discovered her.
  • In the anime, Lune's fight with Apollo are more smooth and complex compared to Fiore's fight in the manga.

Cut Content

  • In the manga, after Kanon was about to talk with Apollo more, Okada entered the room to tell Kanon to go to another radio show. 
  • In the manga, when Kanon heading to school to take a mandatory test, she was thinking to herself if it was odd that she rarely came to school. This was before she was greeted by her fans.
  • During the first talk with Apollo in the bathroom, after Apollo was teasing Kanon about Keima, Kanon shouted at Apollo. In the manga, after this, two female students came in and were a little shocked to see Kanon.
  • In the manga, after the first test, Kanon intended to ask Keima about her conquest once more. But, due to Elsie talking with Keima and her fans crowding around her, Kanon chose not to talk to him.
  • In the manga, Elsie did not ask if she could touch Diana's halo. Similarly, the anime did not show Diana telling Keima to maintain a more platonic relationships with her sisters' hosts when the subject about kissing the hostesses came up.
  • In the anime, Elsie prayed to Diana when the latter explained that she was a goddess. This wasn't present in the manga.
  • In the manga, when Kanon had her phone out, wondering if she could talk to Okada or someone about being stalked, Kodama told her to put her cell phone away during the test. This was right before Kanon saw the Vintage assassin.
  • Originally in the manga, when Fiore stabbed Kanon, she also said that she will finally get acknowledged by her peers. This dialog was not in the anime since Fiore's role was replaced by Lune.

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