When the Sun Goes Down

Chapter 116

When(フェン) the() Sun(サン) Goes(ゴーズ) Down(ダウン)
Fen za san gōzu daun
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.116[1]
Volume Volume 12
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Adapted into
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Debris of the Sun

When the Sun Goes Down is the 116th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Kanon's cofession

Kanon's confession

Kanon remembers everything that happened between Keima and her. Keima takes her out of the class while the other students eavesdrops on the two. Kanon confesses to Keima that she still loves him. The students goes up into an uproar over this confession, while Keima brings Kanon away to a safer spot. When they arrive, Apollo suddenly appears from Kanon and takes over. She is glad that she has a halo now, but does not wish to let Keima get involved any further. Apollo runs off before Keima could talk to the goddess.


Fiore stabs Apollo

Near the theater, while Apollo is looking for a hiding spot, Fiore captures the goddess from behind. Binding her with her feather-cloth, Fiore takes out a knife that seems to be casted with some spell and declares that she's a part of Vintage. saying that the organization hates the existence of the goddesses, she uses the knife to stab Apollo. Though Fiore succeeded in stabbing the goddess, Apollo sends a message into the sky to all other goddesses before "dying". Not knowing what the message says, Fiore runs away, dropping her skull sensor.


Keima finds Kanon

After the Fiore has escaped, somewhere close by, Akari and Nikaido stands behind a structure. Nikaido asks Akari why they are not going to capture the Vintage member; Akari replies that Fiore is only a grunt, therefore she won't be of much use. Though the two wish to intervene, they let Keima take care of the goddess-situation. Keima and Elsie arrives near the theater, only to see Kanon stabbed. As Elsie panics, Keima tries to remove the dagger, but is unable to hold it. Elsie notices that the dagger is enhanced with magic from Hell. She contacts Haqua for help, while Keima feels guilty for not noticing that Kanon had a goddess. They plan to take Kanon to Keima's house now...