War by Proxy


Dairi sensō
Chapter Info
Release Date March 22th, 2011
Chapter FLAG.136[1]
Volume Volume 14
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 31.0
Chapter Guide
Mission Incomplete

War By Proxy (代理戦争, Dairi sensō) is the 136th chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Naming the fakes

Haqua and Nora are confined in a small bottle, yelling at Fiore to release them. But Fiore silences them saying how they are shameful when they were the ones who locked her up in the first place. She then makes two dolls to look like Haqua and Nora. Fiore states that she will take complete control of the District. Haqua yells at her to not treat the dolls like her henchmen. Fiore, realizing the freedom she has with the dolls, gives them nicknames to insult the actual district leaders. Fiore names the Nora-Doll as "Painomi"(literally meaning "Only-Boobs") and Haqua-Doll as "Pencil". She then attempts to contact Vintage so that she can use Keima's home as a base of operations to capture the Goddesses. Nora asks Haqua if she has any plans to escape but Haqua replies that they can't because their skull sensor and district bands were taken away.

Keima captured!

At that moment, Keima enters into the shop, calling out to Haqua. Haqua warns Keima not to enter the living room, but he does not hear her. As Keima enters, he is captured by Fiore and her henchmen and is placed into the same capture bin as Nora and Haqua. Fiore once again attempts to contact Vintage, but seeing how the situations is now, Keima shouts out that he has failed to protect Kanon. Fiore hears this and asks him if he means the Kanon who houses the goddess she tried to kill. Keima bluntly replies that the goddess is still alive. Haqua asks Fiore why she's doing this evil act. She responds by saying that it should be considered as abnormal for the devils
The start of the Battle between Goddesses and Devils

Goddess vs Devil

to act good; it should be normal for them to be doing evil. This is why she wants to revive old hell; she also mentions that the actual goal of the escape spirit squad is to contain those goddesses. "There is no future for the goddesses," Fiore says.

A moment later, a thump is heard in the room. Fiore sees a doll on the floor nearby. Keima states to the doll, to Luna, that this is the whole story. Suddenly Fiore's goddess sensor and her Vintage communication device explodes. Luna then says, "Confine the goddesses!? Know your place!!" Haqua asks Keima what is happening. Keima says that he didn't want to explain the whole story to Vulcan, so he used this method instead. Outside, Tsukiyo as the goddess Vulcan is seen sitting on the front porch, while on the inside a battle between the goddess Vulcan and Fiore of Vintage is about to begin.


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