Flag 265 Cover

WORLD(ワールド) FORTUNE(フォーチューン)
Wārudo fōchūn
Chapter Info
Release Date March 26, 2014
Chapter FLAG.265[1]
Volume Volume 26
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
Shine a Light

WORLD FORTUNE is the 265th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


As Rimyuel with Nora and Haqua towards Satyr's Fortess, they were planning to break the seal Old Hell then saw pillars that have been activated, and also found the Satyr's Weapon. Rimyuel then get a call from Sharia, Sharia said already in the place who told by Rimyuel and then said she surprised because find something incredible, that is full of documents who Chief left behind. She mentions the existence of the anti-hell members like Satyr and Vintage, also information about the connection between Vintage and Runaway Spirit Squad, Sharia then ordered by Rimyuel to transmit information from the database and don't forget to install a virus.

Meanwhile In Akanemaru that have been destroyed by collosi and then the goddess with unconscious Keima seen falling down, then Diana switch places with Tenri and bring Keima fly with her wings out, followed by others goddess who also switch. Collosi suddenly tries to attack goddess, and Vulcan told her sisters to hold off, then Apollo began to subvert one collosi's, followed by Mars who also do the same, Dokuro then seen already wake up she saw the goddess fought exterminating the collosi, she said that the time already connect.

At the past, Keima's mother was panic because her son had not come home and then thought to report the police, but then Dokuro usher Keima to home, then Keima 7 year old body conscious and directly shout to 'save' a game.

Back to Akanemaru seen Mars and Apollo is still fighting with the collosi, while Diana who carry Keima call him to wake up, Diana report to Vulcan that something was wrong, and then a few moments later Keima still unconscious.



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