Volume 9

Volume 9

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Release Date June 18, 2010
Cover Character(s) Yui Goidō
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Volume Nine is the 9th volume of The World God Only Knows.


Nanaka wishes to defeat the only person who has ever won against her in Shogi, Tenri. In truth it was the goddess Diana, who was living inside of Tenri. The loss had created a gap in Nanaka's heart. Keima plans to have Nanaka win against Diana after days of training. After defeating the goddess, Nanaka's spirit is captured. The same night Keima captures Nanaka, Diana comes to his house to ask for help in finding her sisters, otherwise known as the Jupiter Sisters. Keima does not fully agree, but keeps it in mind as he goes to school the next day. The next day, he finds another spirit within a girl, Yui Goidō, who wishes to be free of her restrictive, rich life. Keima finds a solution quickly, but in the middle of the execution of his plan, he is obstructed by the spirit's power in Yui. Because of its power, Keima and Yui have switched bodies. How will the two cope with their new situation...?

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Volume Extras

  • Class 2B Seating Arrangement (with author's memo)
  • Character Profile (with author's memo)
  • On cover, illustrations of Nanaka and Yui with background information on both them
  • Bonus illustration
  • Character 4-koma
  • Omake

Differences from the tankoubon chapter

  • Flag 81:
    • Yui's mother's finger omitted. (Page 11 - Second panel)
  • Flag 82:
    • Yui's expression slightly changed (around her mouth). (Page 5 - Last panel)

Omake Synopsis

Nanaka After 1



In the first panel, Nanaka is about to take Shoureikai examination to become a professional Shogi player, but then she get distract by a Katsu shop, where she order a full course of Katsudon. By the time, she finish it, the tournament is already over. In the next panel, Nanaka explain why she hate to lose. She also said crying so easily is just so lame, but she immediately cry while she were reading a book. She then try to fix her habit by using tear guard, but in the end, she still crying.

In the third panel, Nanaka play Shogi with Tenri. When Tenri took one of her Shogi's piece, think that she has lost to Tenri, Nanaka then cry, but Tenri then correct that Nanaka haven't lost yet cause she just took Nanaka's Knight piece. Nanaka realise her mistake but confuse why she have been mixing up Knight and King. In the last panel, Nanaka don't believe that she have forgotten the rules of Shogi. She then demonstrate by writing all of Shogi's pieces and their moves but still haven't figure out the problem. Nanaka then admits to Tenri that she have been playing Shogi without sleeping, which Tenri replied that Nanaka could die and she should enjoying life.

Yui After 1



In the first panel, Yui comments that changing into a male outfit is like changing her life and making it more fun which make her mother is still shock but she don't care. And she stated that she will continue to live her life as a guy, but she refused to wear any guy's underwear. In the next panel, Yui said that she get more used to the way guy talk, so from now on, she then tried to said a phrase which end with a word "yo", but then she realized she still fell embarrasses when she said it.

In the third panel, Yui stated even though she's just halfway masculine, she feel fine with it. because she want to enjoy her life as a girl. And in the future, she would make a wonderful wife, but then she confused, what happen if in her wedding both her and the groom would dress the same. In the last panel, Keima were talking to Elsie when Yui watched them. While Keima were leaving, Ayumi then asked Yui what's on her mind, which Yui replied that having a groom wearing wedding dress work for her too.

The World the Lil' Devil Only Knows I-1

The World the Lil' Devil Only Knows


In the background, Elsie told the readers that she actually have an active role. In the first panel, Elise was showed sleeping while Keima and Diana discussing about the other goddess.

In the second panel, Elsie want to know how to play Shogi, she think that the bigger the piece the stronger it is. but then she confused between rook and bishop (both piece have a same size), so in the end Elise play "Sumo-wrestle" with both the pieces to find out which one is stronger. In the third panel, back to the Yui's arc, Elise were showed invisible in her hagoromo to be the one, who responsible to make Yui fall from the stair, which help Keima to initiate an event.

In the last panel, Elsie was watching firetrucks come after another. In the background, Keima asked Elsie when he gonna see her "active" role, which make Elsea embarrassed and replied to Keima that he should stop look at the weird spot.