Volume 7

Volume 7

Volume Info
Release Date January 16, 2010
Cover Character(s) Keima Katsuragi
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Volume Seven is the seventh volume of The World God Only Knows.


Tenri Ayukawa, Keima's childhood friend from 10 years ago, is back in town. To Keima's disappointment, a spirit resides inside this girl. But Nora has already taken the job and uses vicious measures to get the spirit out of Tenri. But is the spirit inside Tenri actually a spirit? No, the spirit is not like the other weiss. The spirit is in truth a goddess, known by the name Diana. When this problem was resolved, again to Keima's disappointment, Tenri has moved next door. After these events, he goes out to the country side for a family reunion, but it seems like he cannot take a break, as there is also a spirit here...

Chapters List

Volume Extras

  • Building Schematics & Exterior Illustration of Katsuragi's House
  • Character Profiles (with author's memo)
  • On cover, Tenri with short background info about her
  • Character 4-koma
  • Omake

Differences from the tankoubon chapter

  • Flag 57:
    • Nora's horn added. (Page 1)
    • Paintings behind Tenri should't be there, replaced with curtains. (Page 11 - Second last panel)
    • Diana says, "Tenri… just as I thought… it looks like we've been chased…". (Last page - First panel)
  • Flag 59:
    • Two words at the background, left is "real intention", meanwhile the right one is "public stance". (Page 5 - Four panel)
  • Flag 60:
    • Ryou is supposed to say, "Here you are, miss, an invitation to a brighter future!!". (Page 3 - Second panel)
  • Flag 61:
    • PANEL ADDITION before the former first one; depicting Keima's realization that he had been in that cave before. (Last page)
  • Flag 62:
    • PAGE ADDITION and panel change. Apparently the OVA exactly follows the scenes from the tankoubon chapter. (From page 1 - page 4)

Omake Synopsis

Tenri-Diana After 1

Tenri and Diana


In the first panel, Tenri said that bubble wrap is fun, which Diana asked her to stop. Tenri then said that it's not just for fun but to show to other people that she's busy with something, cause she's afraid people come and talk to her. Diana replied her action just like those kids with their phones on the street. But Tenri denied and said bubble wrap don't cost money unlike cell phones while she were showing another bubble wrap to Diana, this make Diana annoyed and she tell Tenri to stop. In the next panel, Tenri do some magic trick which make Diana compliment her for it. Tenri replied that Diana gives her too much credits. Diana denied and say that she used to split sea and control weather, which make Tenri shock, but Tenri' magic is the best, which Tenri thank Diana for that.

In the third panel, Tenri said Diana is her best friend, cause Diana always by her side which she never feel lonely. She also said that Diana are reckless sometime while Diana were provoking a dog, which result Tenri were bitten by the dog while Diana said that she just want to talk to the dog. In the last panel,Diana asked Tenri when she's going to marry Keima. Tenri blushed then replied that Diana should stop making fun of her and she can't even talk to Keima yet. Diana irritated and said that she need more courage to defeat the Weiss, and Tenri should also win against that Devil(Keima), which Tenri replied that Keima isn't a devil.

Nora-Ryo After 1

Nora and Ryō


In the first panel, Ryō wonder while he don't get an introduction even through he's Nora's partner. Nora replied that she don't acknowledge him as partner and suggest that he should learn how to write his name. Ryō enraged then replied that he knows how to write his name. Ryō then demonstrate this by writing his name, which incorrectly. Nora then give him her Kanji flash and ask if he really a high school student.

In the second panel, Ryō stated that even through he don't know Kanji, he can make up with look. Nora then said that if Ryō were able to write his name, she would make a n introductory for him. encourage by this, Ryō immediately practise. At the end, he only manage to write his first name right. In the last panel, Nora stated that since her buddy is an idiot, she can do whatever she wants. Nora then suspicious about Keima. Ryō then interrupted her thought by saying that he and Nora are a good match, which make Nora angry. Ryō continue to said that Nora don't know how to write her Kanji name either. Nora replied that her name was never in Kanji in the first place while she were kicking Ryō head multiple time.