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Release Date December 18, 2012
Cover Character(s) Keima Katsuragi

Diana(Tenri-hen Cover)

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Volume 20 is the 20th volume of The World God Only Knows. With the long Re-Conquest arc done, a new one has begun, represented by the cover art, which displays the child version of Keima, holding out a glowing sphere, the "key" to saving the world. On the back features Mari Katsuragi from 10 years ago, holding a bag full of laundry.


After stopping Vintage, Keima has finally returned back to his old life of gaming as his mother, Mari, also returned from America. Haqua has regained her rank in the Runaway Spirit Squad while Nora has received her share of fame, being promoted to head district chief. But as Keima arrives at school, a strange event occurred to Keima. Each time he enters, the school setting would be warped, such as the school turning into an all-girl's school or all the Goddess hostesses ambushing him with proposals. And each and every time, at the end, he would find himself back at the gate entrance.

As Keima moved in and out of these "different worlds", a mysterious girl would appear before him, only to disappear in strange ways. All of this was made even more suspicious when Nora told Haqua about how Dokurou was the leader of Vintage and was executed for resisting arrest. However, Dokurou's final message told the two devils that the chair-devils were the true enemies. Now with Dokurou out of the way, Keima and the goddessesare the next target of the chair-devils.

All in the while, Tenri has told the goddesses that they were tasked in sending Keima to the past to search for "a girl". Although reluctant to hear this, in the end, he was sent back in time 10 years ago with the powers of the goddesses. But who is this "girl" he needs to find? Where is she? Is she the key saving the goddesses?

Chapters List


  • Haqua and Elsie badge

Special Cover

TWGOK vol 20 cover

Volume 20 Special Cover

Omake Synopsis

Vol 20


Omake 1: The folktale a Lil' Devil Only Knows *

A long time ago, Mari Katsuragi was washing clothes at a nearby river and a giant peach flow to her. The peach split open, revealing El-Taro. Mri then told El-Taro to go on a quest to beat the Onii (Demon). On her way, El-Taro met a cat, a bird and a Monkey which all followed El-Taro when she bribed them with PFPs.

Upon sailing to Onii-island, a giant Onii came out and El-Taro used her PFP again and all the animals and the Onii played the PFP while El-Taro did a "V" sign. Later, El-Taro brought back the treasure and it turns out to be all made out of old gales and upon selling those galges, she only made 3000 yen (33.50 USD).

Omake 2: Minerva-san's Lecture on Heaven, Hell and the Human Realm

Minerva gives a lecture on the three realms and said that the belief that Heaven symbolizes good and Hell symbolizes Evil are incorrect.

The truth is that when a human dies, his/her soul goes to Hell and it is there, the souls are purified by Hellians and the purified souls are sent to heaven which are then returned to the human world. The entire process would then release energy to both realms.

However, recently, humans begin to live much longer and this preservation of souls meant energy crises for both worlds. Elsie then asked if Minerva would like to share some Meji Choco bites and later, Minerva happily told Mercury that she got a toy-figurine from the snack box.

Omake 3: What about the Jupiter Sisters ?

Apollo said to Elsie that despite calling themselves as "Jupiter Sisters", they are not actually real sisters. It is then explained that there is an ancient tradition in Heaven and that only those who have exceptional powers and trust are granted the honor of inheriting a name of a Jupiter Sister.

Diana then said that there is no term or a time limit for being a sister but even if one of the sisters fall, all will be replaced immediately since they shared their powers from the "bond" they have.

Apollo then gropes Diana and told her not to steal her exposition as Diana told Apollo to stop as Apollo tells Diana to listen to her elder sister. Mars then tickled Apollo's ribs as Apollo cannot handle it while Diana joins in the fun as Mars comments that Apollo is surprisingly weak.

Omake 4: Who is the fastest Goddess ?

Diana complains why must she do this track and field running without using goddess powers as Minerva said that Mercury will win anyways. Apollo then said that Mercury is sleeping and Mars said that Vulcan cannot run either so she'll win.

However, Luna was show there and Mars was outraged at Vulcan using her powers and Vulcan said that it's a handicap. Halfway through the race, they found out that there is a bread eating contest.

Later, Mercury is confused on why she won since she didn't even ran as Elsie explained that everyone else dropped out after tasting the bread she made.

Omake 5: Aftermath

Elsie, while looking at a recording of her acting as Kanon, told Mari to take pictures of her every time "Kanon" made a good pose. Mari then said that Elsie should hear more about her story of South America but Elsie just asked Mari to take another picture.

Notes : The folktale a Lil' Devil Only Knows is based on the tale of Momotaro.

Differences from the tankoubon chapter[1]

  • Flag 190:
    • Apollo's stripes below her eyes added. (Page 2)
    • Mercury's yawning SFX added. (Page 7 - Third panel)
  • Flag 191:
    • Mari's pupil is more dilated. (Page 2 - First panel)
    • Elsie's broomstick stripes amount fixed, it is now consists of one bold stripe and four thin stripes. (Page 2 - Third panel)
    • A date indicator added, it says "Morning of November 12th". (Page 8 - Second panel)
  • Flag 192:
    • Haqua's runaway spirit sensor on her head added. (Page 2 - First panel)(Page 5 - First panel)
    • Haqua is shouting instead of thinking the same contents in her bubble. (Page 5 - Second last panel)
    • Ayumi's pupil color/design changed, it is now black instead of the one which is similar to that of Keima. (Page 7 - Last panel)
    • A stripe on Dokurou's wrist sleeve added. (Page 13 - Second panel)
    • Elsie wears her shoes, not sandals to school, and her broomstick stripes added, strangely there are only three thin stripes now. (Page 14 - First and second panel)
    • Nora's lines changed, with and addition of "Things are still currently ongoing" after the original lines, last page: First panel; conversation changed, into Nora saying "Nothing is over yet… The real scheme has only just begun". (Page 17 - Last panel)
  • Flag 193:
    • The SFX position of the cart being dragged put above Yui. (Page 4 - First panel)
    • Nora's "Vintage was a sacrificial pawn. The chief was erased." line replaced with "Simply put," and 'Weiss' replaced with 'Vintage' in her second conversation bubble. (Page 7 - Second panel)
    • Haqua's conversation bubble omitted. (Page 7 - Fourth panel)
    • Elsie's broomstick stripes added, and there are four thin stripes now. (Page 13 - Last panel)
  • Flag 194:
    • Dokurou's wrist sleeve configuration fixed, the stripe covers only the middle section of the wrist, not all of it. (Page 6 - Second panel)
  • Flag 195:
    • Apollo's stripes below her eyes added, last panel; Vulcan's lines changed, she says "Unbelievable… What an astonishing scenario…!". (Page 5 - Third panel)
    • Elsie's broomstick stripes added. (Page 16 - Second panel)
    • Sweat has been added below Keima's left eye. (Last page - First panel)
  • Flag 197:
    • Keima's and Elsie's conversation bubbles changed into whisper bubbles. (First page - Second panel)
    • Keima's snoring SFX changed from "Su--" to "Kuka--". (First page - Fourth panel)
    • Elsie is not opening her mouth widely now. (Second page - Last panel)
  • Flag 198:
    • A date indicator added just above the location indicator, it says "Present Day, November 12th". (Page 11 - Third panel)
    • Tenri's clothes are different. (Page 12 - Second last and last panel)(Page 13 - First panel)
    • Question marks added inside both of Elsie's empty conversation bubbles. (Page 16 - Third panel)
  • Flag 199:
    • There are bubbles around the 'jump', 'girl', and 'return' text. (Page 2 - Second panel)


  1. Murasui's original thread

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