Volume 17


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Release Date July 18, 2012
Cover Character(s) Shiori Shiomiya, Minerva
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Volume 17 is the 17th volume of The World God Only Knows. Before, the cover illustrations of volumes 11 through 13 were very special, because they followed the rankings of favorite female characters which was part of the author's poll. But now, as seen with the four previous volumes, the cover illustration has changed patterns and displays a goddess and her hostess. Because of that, this time around, Shiori Shiomiya and the goddess who resides within her, Minerva, are placed on the front cover. On the back features Keima, in his PE jersey, holding a broom similar to Elsie's broom.


With the Sick Event, Keima attempted to get closer to both Ayumi and Chihiro simultaneously, yet it is too difficult for him to determine if his plan succeeded or not. Later that day, Diana requests for her currently "awakened" sisters to come together and revive Apollo from her sleep. Even though Keima was able to converse with Apollo personally, the Goddesses couldn't break the spell without their last sister, Mercury. Meanwhile, in Hell, Haqua faces crude torture, but is unexpectedly saved by no other than Dokuro Skull. Given a new task to save New Hell, Haqua heads back to the Human Realm.

With the Mai-high Festival approaching, Keima continues his two-way conquest, only to find strong flags coming from Chihiro. With no time to spare before the wicked plan of Vintage, Keima seeks advice from Chihiro's best friend, Ayumi, to get closer to Chihiro. Will he be successful in confirming who has the Goddess, or will he be rejected by the two and fail to save the world?

Chapters List


Differences from the tankoubon chapter

  • Flag 158: Vulcan's conversation bubble addition, she says "What a serious girl…" to Diana. (Page 14 - First panel)
  • Flag 159:
    • Apollo doesn't wear any footwear, just the socks, therefore her shoes were omitted. (Page 7 - Second last panel)
    • Apollo's uniform fixed, the hole on the uniform because of the stabbing was drawn. (Page 12 - First panel)
  • Flag 165: Mercury's expression changed to fit more into her personality. (Last page - Second panel)
  • Flag 166: Chihiro's legs drawn. (Page 5 - Third panel)

Omake Synopsis

TWGOK 167.5 Omake


Omake 1 : The Fire a 'Lil Devil Only Knows

Elsie, saw a firetruck one day and returned home to make a cardboard house (with a fake fire) and wore some newspapers before telling Keima that she's a firefighter. While playing, Elsie noticed that it was not realistic enough and added a candle on the top of the house before continuing her antics.

While enjoying herself, the candle fell and it made the entire cardboard house catch fire. Elsie then panics as Mari quickly used a bucket of water to stop the fire from spreading. Mari the reprimanded Elsie for playing with fire recklessly and gave Elsie a flower pot to water the plants as punishment.

Omake 2 : The 2-B CAFE IS READY TO GO

Mappy* and Mobuko were both excited about the incoming festival as Mobuko introduced them the design for their maid uniforms. After having a tate test for Asami's* black-tea blend (although the latter said that those were just tea bags), the duo praised Asami's skills and said that it is to be expected for Asami since she's part of the tea-ceremony club.

However, Mobuko said that the coffee won't be as good as Mappy shrugs it off, saying that no one will know the difference.

NOTE: Mappy is a character from Wakaki's previous work, Seikesshou Albatross and Asami was originally introduced in the light novel.

Omake 3 : Pri-Pri Mai-High contestant Kusunoki vs the student administration

The student administrators tried convince Kusunoki that they wished to see Kusunoki in a swimsuit as it is the tradition of the festival. Before Kusunoki can answer, one member said that he understand that Kusunoki's principles tend to go in conflict with some aspects of the festival. The other two then said that they have come up with a new idea for this.

Another student-administrator came forward and took off his coat to reveal a "martial arts swimsuit" with a black belt as well and insists that it would work. Kusunoki was not convinced and soon enough, the student-administrators were crying in pain.

Omake 4 : Welcome to the Technology Club

The technology club members were shown to display their latest Mech-walker and were able to "synchronize/combine" (by adding a chain to each of the walkers)before running around in triumph as Elsie noticed them.

Omake 5 : Long time no see, Airi-chan

Airi, after returning from bug-hunting, happily told her adventure to Reiko, her grandmother. While Reiko compliments to Airi saying that she was unaware of that her granddaughter had normal hobbies, Airi the explained that she intends to place her captured bugs on her body and pretend to be a corpse.

Later, Airi asked Reiko if there is a haunted house in the Mai-High Festival as Reiko said that it is possible.

Omake 6 : Hinoki-san from a distant country

While working, Hinoki recalls about the Mai-High festival but ignored it since it no longer has anything to do with her anymore. However, Hinoki soon thought otherwise.

Later that day, Kusunoki's students came up to their captain and told them that Hinoki has bought a swimsuit made out of sea-shells and wanted her younger sister to enter the beauty contest. Kusunoki then stomps away and told them to shut up.

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