Volume 16

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Release Date March 16, 2012
Cover Character(s) Yui Goidō, Mars
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Volume 16 is the sixteenth volume of The World God Only Knows. Before, the cover illustrations of volumes 11 through 13 were very special, because they followed the rankings of favorite female characters which was part of the author's poll. But now, as seen with the three previous volumes, the cover illustration has changed patterns and displays a goddess and her hostess. Because of that, this time around, Yui Goidō and the goddess who resides within her, Mars, are placed on the front cover. On the back features a sick Keima in bed, with Ayumi and Chihiro standing to the side of him, all of them chibi-sized.


After receiving Yui and Mars as his allies, Keima has taken a step into conquering Shiori. After clearing the misunderstandings of his cross-dressing, Keima aids Shiori in completing her story, which she's been having a hard time to complete. In the end, this story becomes a voice of Shiori's own thoughts, which results in her re-capture and the emergence of the goddess within her: Minerva. But now, more trouble stirs as Haqua makes a blunder by speaking up about Vintage to Docrow Skull, while Keima attempts to clear flags with both Ayumi and Chihiro in his sick status.

Chapters List


  • Special Haqua's Scythe Pen

Differences from the tankoubon chapter

  • Flag 150: Chapter title changed from "Welcome Hell" to "Welcome to Hell".
    • Sharie's conversation bubble addition, she says "Every devil is equal now!". (Page 14 - Second last panel)
  • Flag 151:
    • Haqua's thought bubble pointer added. (Page 6 - Third panel)
    • Haqua's conversation bubble pointer added. (Page 8 - Second panel)
    • Haqua's runaway spirit sensor omitted because it's supposedly on her left side of her hair. (Page 17 - Last panel)
  • Flag 152: Fiore's modified runaway spirit sensor (goddess sensor) fixed; it's supposedly had been broken by Vulcan.
  • Flag 154: There's a "GO AHEAD!" addition between Keima's conversation bubbles and the road. (Page 3 - Third panel)
  • Flag 155: There's cough sound effects right next to each of Keima's conversation bubble. (Page 2 - Second panel)

Omake Synopsis

Vol 16 Omake


Omake 1 : The Broom a 'Lil Devil Only Knows

One day, Mari was happy about Elsie cleaning the house. Elsie was proud but Kusunoki's pet cat snatches the Broom and flies away. Elsie then throws a tantrum as Mari tried to give her a normal Broom, a Vacum cleaner and Keima even gave her a cleaning robot but to no avail. Keima and Mari then decided to capture Kusunoki's pet cat, returned the broom and Elsie was happy. In the end, Elsie kept the cleaning robot to do the chores.

Omake 2 : Ryou-Kun and some guy.

Ryou of the Mai-High Delinquents decided to throw a 10-yen coin to a shrine but accidentally threw in a 100-yen. They tried to take out the money but the local priest, believing that they are thieves called the police. But somehow, the police car got ran over and the station was destroyed as Nikaido came to pick them up. Ryou's friend then says how unlucky they are.

Omake 3 : Fujiidera-san

Fujiidera says that she's the fighting library committee chairwoman and unlike Shiori, she doesn't keep her feelings bottled up. Fujiidera then says that ruffians will be dealt with....quietly(By a joint-lock and her covering their mouths) and she can even stand up to "strong opponents" by projecting a solar ray. Fujiidera later comes to Shiori and asks if she wants to join her to perform a ritual to curse those people with overdue library books, to which Shiori declined.

Omake 3 : Mobuko

In the first panel, a picture of Mobuko in Winter uniform. In the second one, there is a picture of Mobuko in Gym clothes. In the third one, there is a picture of Mobuko dressing. Mobuko then asked Miyako why is she taking pictures of her as Miyako says that due to her popularity, its for fanservice. Chihiro then said that maybe Mobuko should reveal her real name.

Omake 4 : Roco-chan Like before, Miyako took 3 pictures of "Roco-chan" the "human" Akari made. Chhiro then asked why is Miyako taking the pictures of that as Miyako says that due to her popularity, its for fan-service...

Omake 5 : Fiore

Fiore, still trapped in the bottle, angrily claims that Vintage is way more powerful than they think. But her message was cut short when she needed a toilet break and when she returned, she tried to say the same words again but she forgot as Keima calls her an idiot.

Omake 6: The neglected lover

Keima's PFP is angry that he did not spend time with it. Keima then touched it and the PFP seems to be happier....

Omake 7 : Simoe and Pierre

Simoe is with Pierre eating some space negi-ramen whereby Pierre says that the ramen is delicious and fears that he have "ramen allergy". Simoe then says that Pierre won't die because of that. But in the last panel, Pierre died.

In the final column, Miyako wonders why didn't she get a 4koma story...


  • Keima is dressed up as Conan on the back cover of volume 16. (Chapter 156.5, Bonus materials)

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