Volume 15

Volume 15 cover

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Release Date December 16, 2011
Cover Character(s) Tsukiyo Kujyō, Vulcan
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Volume 15 is the fifteenth volume of The World God Only Knows. Before, the cover illustrations of volumes 11 through 13 were very special, because they followed the rankings of favorite female characters which was part of the author's poll. But now, as seen with the two previous volumes, the cover illustration has changed patterns and displays a goddess and her hostess. Because of that, Tsukiyo Kujyō and the goddess who resides within her (Vulcan) are placed on the cover. On the back features the cross-dressing version of Keima.


Haqua and Nora are facing trouble at Keima's house as Fiore was able to release herself from her small confinement. But Keima returns home, bringing in the goddess he was able to find: Vulcan. After confining Fiore again, with Diana who happens to visit Keima's home, Vulcan attempts to release Apollo from the dark spell. The two goddesses are succesful in taking out the dagger, but Apollo falls into a watery slumber, due to Apollo's pre-planned safety measures. Now Keima has to go out to look for the rest of the goddesses to release the sleeping goddess from this spellbound. For now, he knows which two candidates to go for next...

Chapters List


  • Elsie figurine strap with light

Omake Synopsis

TWGOK 146.5 Omake


Omake 1: The game a lil' devil Only Knows

Elsie and Keima are playing a game and Keima keeps wining. When Keima left, Elsie believed that she can win the game if Keima's not there....however, it was soon proven wrong. When Keima returned, he saw Elsie on the floor and easily won the game. By the time Elsie woke up, the huge words, "You are a Champion !" Flashed on screen and Elsie thought it was her. However, whenever Elise "won" a game, she would then lose to Keima and ultimately gave up as Keima, now using both Elsie's and his own controllers, play the game amazingly as Mari comes and hits her son.

Omake 2 : Vulcan

Vulcan introduces herself to Tsukiyo as the eldest of the Jupiter Sisters and tells Tsukiyo that she'll bring forth happiness with her powers. Tsukiyo complimented her saying that her presence alone is more than flavorful enough for her tea and says that it is as if Luna had come alive. Vulcan then tells Tsukiyo to repeat that again since she has difficulty hearing. Tsukiyo then asked her how is the kelp tea and calls her a "venerable madam" as Vulcan angrily says that her hearing problems are not from age.

Omake 3 : Apollo

Apollo tells Kanon that her songs are like the melodies of angels then her host asked if she sings too. Apollo then said that if she has to sing, then there needs to be a wide open space. Kanon asked if it is because Apollo needs it for a large audience. Apollo said that once she sang, mountains will burst out from the ground. Kanon comments that it is a natural disaster. Apollo then cheerfully says that one day, she wants to go to karaoke with Kanon, the latter reluctantly agrees.

Omake 4 : Diana

Diana is shown in deep frustration since Tenri's affection levels with Keima is still the same yet more and more love rivals appears. Tenri then wants to show Diana a magic trick as Diana wants Tenri to know a sense of urgency. Tenri then shows her magic trick. (transforming a rod to a bouquet of flowers) Diana then later ponders how did Tenri do that.

Omake 5 : Mars

Yui was shown to be hot-blooded and declares that she doesn't care about Vintage at all and that she needs to protect Keima. Mars then comments on her host's bravery and declares that she will fight along with Yui. Yui then laments dejectedly that she and Mars were told to stay at home and Mars apologizes for her being in the heat of the moment too. Yui then said that if she disguises herself, maybe Keima won't notice with Mars says that it's a brilliant idea. Mars then got a great idea. She wants Yui to dress up a a lady as Yui blushes and says that she is female right from the start.

Omake 6 : ?

At the library, Shiori and Minerva was shown to look at each other and kept quite and hides at the nearby bookshelf. They tried to look again but due to both parties being bashful, they returned to their hiding place.

In the final picture, Mari now dressed in an American dress, wonders how Keima and Elsie are doing.


OVA Anguish Monologue


Wakaki begins to say more about his life with TWGOK. He says how he finally turned 39 and have never been so busy with his life and after the OVA, the anime staff for TWGOk will finally leave and go to their separate ways and that before he realized, so many things have bombarded him (Anime, Song Writing,Launch and Voice Actors) and many things were done for him. Firstly, for the OVA, Wakaki was allowed to do a name(rough sketch) of the storyboard granted by Director Taka.(This was apparently Wakaki's highest aspiration.)

Wakaki then talks about how it seemed not too long ago when he would bring the name to the editorial department and just sit down and wait for the person-in-charge to arrive. Even after a decade, Wakaki is still surprised that TWGOK has risen to such popularity and that now, many people are talking about TWGOK more and more and even when he present his story board, the people at Mangalobe tried as hard as they can with it.

Wakaki was also present in the "Kanon Live !" Event and upon seeing the number of fans there, his love for the people bubbles up strongly within him. These exact feelings made Wakaki showed up at various places wanting to be useful somehow.(Which also became the basis for Shiori's Re-Conquest Arc)

Wakaki then talked about the components of a manga is controled by one person (The mangaka) and that compared to anime productions (managed by a team), if the plan is not well, then miscalculations may happen and that a story board is like a huge blu print ans Wakaki happily drew over hundreds of pictures.

Wakaki then said that unlike a manga, where by the "camera" is controlled by the mangaka so that parts of the scenes can be cut out without any consequences, but in an anime, a person who was there cannot just suddenly appear for no reason and thus, the positioning of the camera and the characters needs to be fixed and that Wakaki's storyboards are very lacking in details, they are ultimately finished Souga.

Wakaki then says that even though there seems to be an opposite effect when he asked the people (primarily Korata), he stared visiting places where he could see professionals doing their work. Wakaki then said that everywhere he went everyone was friendly to him and it was fun. (Although he says it himself that he was the biggest annoyance) Wakaki then said that with this, the TWGOK anime team will go their seperate ways for now but the music team will still go on !

Wakaki then gives his thanks to all of the anime team and perhaps one day, the anime will go on....

Differences from the tankoubon chapter

  • Flag 137.2: Elnon's antennae omitted in the entire chapter.
  • Flag 141:
    • PANEL CHANGE, in the original chapter, Yui turns her head to Keima after asking if they've met before, while in Tankoubon, it changed into Keima recognising that his plan worked. (Page 13 - Second panel).
    • Conversation bubble addition. (Page 17 - Fourth panel).
  • Flag 144: Elsie's spirit sensor placement fixed, it should be on her left side of her head. (Page 9 - Fourth panel)
  • Flag 146: Shiori's thought bubble pointer added. (Page 5 - Last panel)

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