Volume 14

Volume 14 cover

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Release Date September 16, 2011
Cover Character(s) Tenri Ayukawa, Diana
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Volume Fourteen is the 14th volume of The World God Only Knows. In the past three volumes, the cover illustrations were very special, because they followed the rankings of favorite female characters which was part of the author's poll. But now, as seen with the previous volume, the cover illustration has changed patterns and displays a goddess and her hostess. Because of that, Tenri Ayukawa and the goddess who resides within her, Diana, are placed on the cover. On the back is Pierre Casiraghi, the mirror character of Keima in Shiori's first self-written story.


Keima has chosen his candidates and goes out to raise the love points of each of them. But reality strikes and disturbs each and every one of his attempts in different ways. Even so, he is able to find a way to get past the obstacles and raise at least a little of the girl's love points. But then, a new character, who at first acts as an ally to Haqua and Nora, enters the stage and causes havoc at Keima's home while he had went out to continue his goddess candidate mission. While out, though, he finally finds what he's been searching for in one of the candidates....

Chapters List


  • Special OVA release with DVD-pack

Special Cover

Volume 14 cover special

Special Volume 14 OVA cover

Differences from the tankoubon chapter

  • Flag 127:
    • Keima's conversation bubble's position drawn slightly higher, sticking to Miyako's. (Page 6 - Last panel)
    • Keima's conversation bubble changed into whisper bubble. (Page 7 - Fourth panel)
  • Flag 129:
    • Yui's choker omitted. (Page 10 - Second panel)
    • Keima's and Haqua's convo bubbles changed into whisper bubbles. (Page 14 - Fourth panel)
  • Flag 130:
    • Conversation bubble addition with the contents pretty much the same. (Page 17 - Last panel)
  • Flag 134:
    • Panel change, in the original chapter, Keima's face was shown saying "… I had no choice…", while in Tankoubon, he said the same inside a rubble of benches. (Page 19 - Second panel)
  • Flag 135:
    • Nora's eyes are closed, while in the original chapter they were opened. (Page 1 - Fourth panel)

Omake Synopsis

Omake Vol 14

The Egg A Lil' Devil Only Knows


In the first cover Elsie picked up a mysterious egg which she thought might be a bird inside. She then incubated the egg with her body warmth and the heat from the light; and after a few days, the egg began to crack. Later, a Demon Keima was hatched from the egg. Elsie then tried to feed him and make him go out but failed, before she introduced the PFP to Demon Keima.

In the second cover Elsie and Demon Keima were having fun with each other until the Demon Keima has grown up. The Demon Keima then submerged into the PFP screen after leaving a message thanking Elsie for raising him. Back to reality, Elsie was seen crying while Keima was looking at her with a confused face.

Omake 1&2: Rock Bottom and Pretty Vacant Chihiro was talking about how her guitar is rock, then Elsie and Miyako interrupted her and asked trivia about their instruments, which Chihiro doesn't know. She then added all the strings and keyboard keys the band has before jumping to the conclusion that they are a rock band. They then have an argument about it, leaving Miyako to wonder when they will have a band practice.

Omake 3&4: Metal Guru and Draw The Line Chihiro and Ayumi have some scratches and muscle pain after the practice. Yui then suggested to them to build up their muscles. The next practice day, Yui was showing them a pose to demonstrate how much a four beat rest will be. But all of them were unable to understand so in the end they had another argument.

Omake 5: Going Underground At last, the 2B Pencils will make their debut at the Mai High Festival, so all of the members begin to introduce themselves to the reader(s). Meanwhile in the background, Yui claims that she also wants herself to be animated.

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