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Release Date July 17, 2011
Cover Character(s) Kanon Nakagawa, Apollo
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Volume Thirteen is the 13th volume of The World God Only Knows. As seen with the past two volumes, the cover illustrations is very special, because fans from all over the world were able to vote for their favorite female character on the author's poll. With this poll, the third place character, Kanon Nakagawa, and the goddess within her, Apollo, were placed on the cover. The back features Keima.


Kanon has been taken to Keima's place, after being stabbed by Fiore's Vintage dagger. Being in mortal danger from the spell of the dagger, she only has a week to live. Diana aids Keima by telling him what the magic circle that Apollo made in the sky means. She also tells him about how she has four other sisters remaining. Wishing not to fail again, Keima is willing to do whatever he can to find the remaining goddesses in order to cure Kanon. After finding probability that the remaining goddesses are absolutely in Keima's previous captures, he selects the five most likely goddess candidates. Will he find the goddesses to cure Kanon within the time limit of one week he is given?

Chapters List


Differences from the tankoubon chapter

  • Flag 123: Chapter title changed from "Profect A" to "Project A".

Omake Synopsis

Special Omake 1

Anime Anguish Monologue


In the first panel, Tamiki Wakaki said as the 38th year of his life comes to a close, being a mangaka still remains surreal to him, and for some reason, "TWGOK" has yet to be cancelled. He then stated that there have been talks of an anime adaption since vol 1, but the Editor don't want TWGOK turn into anime right away. When the thank-you party comes, Hata-sensei believe that TWGOK will become anime, and suggest Wakaki to begin his anime research.

In the second panel, Wakaki said there was a change in 2009, the Editor suggest 2 ways for TWGOK anime.

The first one is the early evening anime, which have a long season but it's hard to maintain quality.

The second one is a late night anime, which have a short season but it have consistent quality.

But then the editor stated that it's not for them to decide. After hearing this, Wakaki still don't expect too much but he still prayed pretty hard for an anime adaption during his New Year's shrine visit. And in October 2009, Manglobe have been chose to be the production company. In the next panel, basically Wakaki couldn't concentrate to his work because of the anime adaption and that when an even more troubling issues appeared.

In the third panel, Wakaki received an email which request him to fill the main staff. At first Wakaki think anyone would be fine. But then he realize that the staff will working with his Keima and Elsie so it couldn't be just anyone. And that's when he decides to call Hata-sensei. In the next panel, Hata-sensei congratulate about TWGOK. He then make a recommendation for Hideyuki Kurata-san, who did R.O.D. And Wakaki follow Hata-sensei's recommendation

In the fourth panel, the staff was finalized in January 2010. The staff consist with:

Director: Shigehito Takayanagi

Script-Supervisor: Hideyuki Kurata

Character Design: Akio Watanabe who Wakaki is a huge fan of.

And that's when Wakaki feel even more pressure. In the last panel, Wakaki describe his mix feeling between anticipation and uneasiness like a roller-coaster ride. When February 2010, Wakaki were so nervous at the Shogakukan's staff meeting that he has throw up all the morning.

In the end of the panel, Wakaki stated that what happened next to TWGOK anime rely on the feedback.

Vol 13 omake

The World a Lil' Devil Only Knows V


Omake : The World A Lil' Devil Only Knows

Elsie was shown to be sowing seeds on the ground that soon grew to a giant bean-stalk. Elsie then climbs up the beanstalk a saw a firetruck. Riding on the fire truck, Elsie soon ventures into outer space to a planet full of brooms. She took one out but then, Giant Keimas comes out and tries to attack Elsie. She manages to safely escape by magically creating a PFP out of thin air. And that's how Elsie got her broom as she explains it to Keima.

Lil' Devi 1 by Kanae Itou

Elsie found a caterpillar and asked Keima if they should cook it. Disgusted, Keima tells Elsie to let it free. A few months later, the caterpillar turns out to be a butterfly-fairy and wants to thank them. However, Elsie upon seeing her, wants to eat a "Full-grown bug delicacy" while Keima asked her want other kind of "events" does she have. The Butterfly-fairy flies away.

Lil' Devil 2

Elsie while seeing Keima playing a dancing game, tells Keima to straighten his back. Keima then ignored her and Elsie was shocked to see Keima being able to go to his "Otoshigami-mode" even at a dancing game.

Lil' Devil 3

A stick-figure Chihiro decides to go on a journey she is then given a sword and a shield and asked to help the king of a village Chihiro was glad to do it but soon falls into a pit as a stick-figure Elsie flies over.

Lil' Devil 4

Elise was complaining how fat she had become and Mari tries to console her by saying that "With Bliss comes weight" saying that gaining weight is a sign of happiness. Elsie then decides to be unhappy as Keima says that Elsie is just disgustingly happy.

In the last picture, Diana wonders if it really is alright for Keima to handle everything.


  • The omake in this volume are so far the only incomplete 4-panels done by the author.

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