Vale-Vale Valentine


Chapter Info
Release Date February 12th, 2014
Chapter FLAG.7
Arc Magical Star Kanon 100% Arc
Chapter Guide
Whatever You Say, I Am An Idol
Little Idol's Raison d'etre

 Vale-Vale Valentine is the 7th chapter of The World God Only Knows series' spin off, Magical Star Kanon 100%.


Continuing the conversation from the previous chapter, Okada tells Maron that Kanon is already a star. Kanon however feels that it doesn't feel like that since both the singing and the magic doesn't go according to what she thinks; the scene then shows a present.

Today is Valentine's Day and Kanon, as Maron, is walking with the present and wondering if she could give it to Keima. She then transforms into her magic girl form to give herself courage; the present is revealed to be a chocolate heart with wings and a halo. As she continues walking, she hear the familiar beeping of Keima playing. As she tried to call out to him, she then notices that he turned into a mackerel like her fans did sometime ago. Elsie questions Keima why did he suddenly turned into a fish. He replies that he doesn't know and doesn't care since it doesn't cause him too much trouble so he is fine staying like that. Later Maron gives the chocolate to Okada due to being unable to give it to Keima.



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