Even though we already saw a preview of the girls that are going to be conquered next at the credits of the last episode of Season 2, there is still no news of season 3 but news of an OVA this coming September. 3 months later, after Season 1 ended, a Season 2 was released. Do you think after 3 months after Season 2 ended, A Season 3 will be released? Well here's what I think about Season 3's release:

After releasing OVA, news of Season 3 will be out. Manglobe was able to make the 2nd Season after 3 months prior to season 1's ending, so its possible that after 3 months after Season 2's ending, Season 3 will be here. But this is just a possibility,an idea made in my mind.

Knowing that the manga is still not finished yet, Season 3's release may be late. Also, making an anime costs a lot of money!!! The creators are still to decide if the project is still a go or a no-go. But still, the possibility of a Season 3 still exist, thanks to that last episode. The only thing we can do now is wait and pray that the Season 3 will happen.

On a side note, This is my first time creating a blog. This blog may either receive negative comments(mostly) or not. Sorry in advance if I offended someone. I'm just not that confident in creating this blog but I want to voice out my thoughts. Thank you for reading!!!

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