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  • Ma Boss Shiyu

    Well...this is kinda a celebration to the compeletion of the Keima Katsuragi article. As most of you guys know, Keima's article is one of the first articles in the wikia. However, the page was very very bad and it was serverly out-dated with not much updates. (See here )

    The page's Character History (Then called Plot Overviews) was in a bad condition as many arcs were skipped and the page was out-dated for more than 180 chapters then.

    Hence, After some careful consideration, I aksed admin Green Moriyama to be given permission to edit the page. Green then decided to give a sandbox page and told me to edit there which will be eventually converted.

    It took the efforts of many contributors, and many come and many go but one year later, the page h…

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  • Ma Boss Shiyu

    Hello wiki editors and contributors ! For a breif period of time, you may have noticed that our badges sytems seems to lack some color to them. So I proposed to Bharat and Green (in the past) to revamp it. It worked. BUt recently, a bug in the wikia had caused the badges to go a little hay-wire so Bharat had asked help to fix them and after having them fixed, I have yet again, renewed the badges yet agian, but this time, some of the badges have been chnaged to look (hopefully) better !

    So here are a preview of some of the badges you can get :

    This is A Goddess Badge featuring Vulcan. You can get this badge for 500 edits on every "Goddess" article.

    This is a Wiki Love Badge. To get Tenri, you have to be in the wiki for 200 days.

    To get a Dokuro…

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  • Ma Boss Shiyu

    According to Anime News Network (Never liked the reviews they gave) Our beloved TWGOK will also be having ANOTHER OVA featuring Tenri and Diana in all their glory !

    So yeah, it will be bundled on Volume 19 obviously featuring Ayumi and Mercury !!

    Yes people, this is the signal of TWGOk...the signal that season 3 will come !!!

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  • Ma Boss Shiyu

    Dear (prospective) wiki editors, did you guys what to be part of this secret group in Facebook ? This is the "spam lounge" of sorts for you young whimper snapers to just "chillax" or something. So anyways, here are the requirements on your help in the wiki to be part of the secret group (with reasons too !)

    • You need to have a good number of edits. Note that the wiki admins will see your contribution no matter how many edit counts you make since you can write an essay or a word and they can be both worth one edit count. On the other hand, wiki users with more than 100 points in the leaderboard is also accepted.

    Reason : The Wiki team is looking for editors, we are not looking for people who just "chill" in facebook. If you did not make anymor…

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  • Ma Boss Shiyu

    What will happen next ?

    February 19, 2012 by Ma Boss Shiyu

    After seeing the latest chapter, we all know that Vintage will unleash all of the Weiss to the world (Or at least Japan...oaky at least Maijima). Completely ignoring the simple fact that the World Governments can just nuke the sh**t out of Vintage..along with Japan, What will happen next ?

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