2011 issue 29

Cover of Shonen Sunday's 29th issue this year

Who reads Detective Conan? (AKA Case Closed) Me!!! And probably a few users here too. My god! I was so excited when I saw 2011's 29th issue of Shonen Sunday! The cover. THE COVER! Oh no I may have had too much coffee. But still. Keima is dressed as Conan and Elsie is Ran? What better can it become? Two of my favorite series mixed together. For those of you who don't know Detective Conan, check out the Case Closed Wiki and help us. Excuse me, that was my saleswoman attitude. (No I am not a saleswoman) But it's so ironic... Detective Conan is a mystery series, while Kaminomi is love, love, love. You know how they say detectives cannot solve cases of love? That. Well, if you think of it, they are similar and different at the same time. Although I am very happy to see this cover, it was sort of creepy to see Keima wearing short-shorts. Maybe I'm not getting enough with Keima cross dressing already? Whatever. Well, God of Conquering Girls = Great Detective of the East and Demon of Hell = International Karate Champion... it's a VERY good match. ^^ Ah I guess I am a typical teenager fangirl... getting all excited over this. To Conan and Kaminomi Fans: Please comment on what you think. For people who don't know Conan: Just tell me your first impression on this cover.

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