Summary of Last Episode

I wanted to ask about your opinions in the last episode

Was the Last episode a "cliffhanger"? 

It was an END that you  wanted or not and why?

Season 4 or NOT?

Do you believe that  TWGOK will get a season 4 and why?

It deserves it or not?

Any answer is much appreciated! 

My Opinion: After finishing the anime this month i have to say it was a wonderfull experience. As a maniac with anime-manga etc. i did my usual search on the web (after finishing the anime) about a next season-comments on the ending - continuation - OVA's etc. The immpresion i got from the last episode was that the quest of Keima isn't over yet (collar still on his head and that's a BIG deal) - they haven't captured yet all the louse souls. In overall as i see Manga is still on going and the anime stopped in chapter 189. I know that the current arc isn't finished yet so a possible season isn't in plans for the next 4-5 months at least. I couldn't find much about the sales, the only thing i got is that the manga selled pretty good in Japan and it continues. Doing my usual percentage aspect i would say 70% to a new season having a 20% against cause of the sales and a 10% about the mood of the staff-cast-studios plans. I would like of course to hear any opinions about this matter. I checked already at least the last threads of this wiki if t's any similar and i didnt found something (correct me if i'm wrong).

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