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  • Haqua


    November 15, 2011 by Haqua

    Honestly im disappointed on how Keima rejected Chihiro on the latest chapter. I dont know why but i feel sorry for chihiro and im pissed off on Keima's actions.

    How about you guys? Your thoughts about this issue

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  • Haqua

    now my theory about the goddess is only half way to go... minerva is shiori's goddess and mercury is either ayumi or chihiro's goddess or both of them are the host of mercury sharing two different abilities...

    and something is weird about NOra and Dokuro... and nikaido just show up in nowhere... and Keima is sick??


    Mercury is a heavenly being that can possesed humans..maybe she already had possesed either both of them and lost 1 of her abilities in the process.

    Nora is either a vintage or one of her family member is a vintage member and she was forced out to work for them

    Nikaido-sensei is probably a heavenly being or a one-horned demon or a vintage member who broke-up with the group...

    Keima is sick probably because he is out of power…

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  • Haqua

    TO admins, to Editors

    May 30, 2011 by Haqua

    i would like to suggest editing the goddess search arc and the old conquest arc..

    my point is old conquest arc is within goddess search right?? so im consulting admins, editor, etc.

    my pattern:

    GOddess search as main arc

    -->>old conquest(sub arc)

    -->> vintage(sub arc)

    i would also suggesting that made some edits on some arcs names

    for example: replacing Hunting break arc,After Minami Ikoma arc(see kanon,chihiro and ayumi'spage) TO 2-B pencils arc or something nice...

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  • Haqua

    OK... now im wondering.. how will Keima supposed to handle six goddesses at a time.. i mean Keima's having trouble sharing his time within Diana and Vulcan... what about having all of them at once??? how can he handle it?? i bet he will get a divine punishment from Diana, a devastating torture from Luna/Vulcan etc..

    and im also thinking that Diana and Vulcan are so damn stubborn.. they want Keima for themselves...

    does god of conquest mode will help him this time???(six consoles at once---->>> six goddesses at a time)

    LOL now Diana is demanding for her sisters... all at once... and the thing about mercury?? who the hell is the container?? what if accidentally all the goddess at once and vintage attack?? wtf will happen?? omg cant wait for th…

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  • Haqua

    if anyone wants to read 143 go to

    so the vintage thing is actually an act by haqua and keima to find out if yui has a goddess and to force yui's goddess to switch out...

    and haqua is so sexy... lol.... 2 goddess to go!!

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