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  • Fairycaptors

    Hello guys! (Beware: Spoilers)

    As you have now noticed, we are now at the Heart of Jupiter Arc.

    I want to talk about the Order of Events (for goddesses or maybe applicable for all) happening starting Chapter 191 - 194.

    My reason for posting this is because some pages are saying like "After the slumber party, the school was filled with miasma" or "Keima went to the past before being confronted by the mysterious girl". This will confuse readers about this events.

    I do think that the Heart of Jupiter Arc followed a flashback order (until they will send Keima to the past) since the slumber party (Chapter 190) couldn't had happen before Keima was confronted by the mysterious girl or Tenri telling the goddesses to help Keima go back to the past sinc…

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  • Fairycaptors


    I am writing this hoping to ask if someone was working on the Old Conquest Arc since I was thinking on working this page.

    The page I think is outdated (Last subheading was at Chapter 116) I do hope that I could work on this, since I am tackling the Story Arcs. (If someone could help, the better.)

    I ask for some comments about this since it would be a hard project.

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  • Fairycaptors


    June 15, 2012 by Fairycaptors

    I am new to the wikia so I will introduce myself as Fairycaptors.

    I mostly edit pages with grammar and typo errors.

    I would like to reconfirm this as I keep on getting lost when editing.

    Is the manual of style for tenses:

    • Chapter Pages are in the Past Tense? I do see some Chapter Pages in the Present Tense. (does the Chapter Pages include the Story Arc Category?)
    • Character Pages - Present Tense and story arcs in these pages are in the Past Tense. No mistakes found yet in this category.

    And I may want to ask what tense to use for Story Arcs. I do see some Story Arcs in past and present tense while a few arcs have words that are in the neutral form. As my first major edit in the Story Arc (Yui Goidō Arc), I used the Past Tense as I was not sure wh…

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