So just out of curiousity, how would Keima be able to keep all the 6 goddess candidates from contacting one another. I mean the goddesses themselves have met, but the hosts have no recallation of this as they were sleeping when this occured. The goddesses themselves already started arguing and dueling over it when they met, so how would the hosts themselves act if they found out that Keima had made all of them fall in love with him?

I think that either it would end:

1. in a harem where they would never find out about this (very unlikely)

2. in a harem where they share him (slightly more possible)

3. he chooses on of the goddess candidates (I am hoping for Tenri or Shiori myself) - quite unlikely

4. they all reject Keima for betraying them causing Keima to be alone with his 2d girls (very likely)

5. he captures even more girls and becomes the gaming god of heaven, hell, and earth as he had captured girls from all across.

Which one do you think it is and why? I already read that there is a blog post similar to this one but I want to know which girl Keima would end up with or which ending would occur into Keima's ideal route. If there are any other possibilites for endings, please share it and why you think that would happen.

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