• Deviantus

    Keima and the goddesses

    December 27, 2011 by Deviantus

    So just out of curiousity, how would Keima be able to keep all the 6 goddess candidates from contacting one another. I mean the goddesses themselves have met, but the hosts have no recallation of this as they were sleeping when this occured. The goddesses themselves already started arguing and dueling over it when they met, so how would the hosts themselves act if they found out that Keima had made all of them fall in love with him?

    I think that either it would end:

    1. in a harem where they would never find out about this (very unlikely)

    2. in a harem where they share him (slightly more possible)

    3. he chooses on of the goddess candidates (I am hoping for Tenri or Shiori myself) - quite unlikely

    4. they all reject Keima for betraying them causi…

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  • Deviantus

    Hell and Weiss

    December 22, 2011 by Deviantus

    Just curious on one thing. That is about Hell and the Weiss. How was New Hell's seal (contributed by the goddesses which sacirificed themselves) broken? And how is it that only some of the spirits were able to escape? I remember reading from somewhere that Elsie might have something to do with it because as shown on Flag 0, she was nearby the Sealing Area.

    This leads to a few questions:

    1. Is Elsie as inncent as she acts?

    2. Does she have a darker side?

    3. If she does have a darker side, then does that mean that she might become an antagonist at some point? This would be another major development in the beloved The World God Only Knows Franchise.

    I hope that this does happen or at least something similar because it would be very interesting. Th…

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