• Chido55

    Unlike some others, I am captivated by the OP. Though, the first OP is still godly, this one got its own charm. So, me and the other Kamitakus member try to decipher the lyrics. (lol). Here are some of the extract -

    I don't wanna let the chance slip away

    Why is my freedom taken away

    Rhythms have been casted into emotions

    I gotta deal with dream's frustration

    All the -----------------------------

    Embrace desire, I can be declared

    Such a petty ideal versus the real

    The real the way, they change the way, just count on me

    So what if I still looking, who cares

    ---------------------no big deal, ------------- to believe.


    A whole new world god only knows

    I will always stay on your side (I'm on your side)

    To be alive, to realize, we sh…

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  • Chido55

    Herro, everyone.

    New people here, in this world of Wikia. Just thinking that I can do something to my favorite series, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai aka The World God Only Knows. I say, why not ? I already led the fanbase group at MangaFox, Kamitaku's Lounge. Already created a group at Facebook, a free site via Webs, a blog (though its being updated only on some occasions), last but not least, an archive for TWGOK, containing the manga vols till chapter 132, the songs of TWGOK (OP and ED sets, character songs, Kanon's Rebirth), anime (not complete), and some doujins.

    Lol, I'm just bragging. No, its just a proof on how much I do love this manga. Season 2 is coming next week ! \(OAO)/ ! With new OP ! I can't wait ! W0o00o0t !

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