Now if your reading this you already know that TWGOK is awesome. However season 3 episode one was awesome but also... had MANY FAULTS!! Now this could be the "set everything up" episode but the pacing looks bad. I read a couple of reviews saying season one and two where paced too slow. This one is going way too fast. Now it's only episode one I know but the fact still remains, people are wet, confused and mad (minus that wet part). It's gonna be hard to do 76 chapters in 12 episodes. Season one and two only did 47. However a lot of arcs where skipped. Now I'm not mad about that as much I'm mad how they handled it. (spoilers in this following sentence: spoilers start and end with ELSIE!!! in all caps)

ELSIE!!! What I would of done is cut out any contact Kemia had with the other characters who aren't goddess or haven't had a arc. Then have Haqua, since she basically replaces Elsie, asked about the characters that Kemia is conquering. Example could be 

Haqua: "Who's that" 

and then Kemia that stupid because I think it could work ELSIE!!!

5:30 of recap isn't a good way to go about it. Besides that the opening was good, The Kanon part got screwed up a bit because of the recap and Lune hair is green. I also don't have a problem with the switch. Lune is a awesome character and besides two scenes, Florie didn't do much and...LUNE IS AWESOME and needed more screen time anyways

I hope episode 2 can pick it back up. I want TWGOK to be awesome SO BADLY!!! Please Manglobe!! DON'T SCREW THIS UP!!!! UHHHHHH!!!!

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