Hey Guys,

It has been close to 2 years since I joined The World God Only Knows Wiki, and right now there are three other admins who are working hard to make this wiki the best place for information on The World God Only Knows Series other than the source. When i joined this wiki was in its infancy and my goal was not to make 10,000 edits or to create the brilliant visuals that you see today. My goal was to make the wiki a good community with editors who love to work on articles and help new editors with their problems.

During my stay here I had the oppurtunity to work with some of the best editors and people I have ever known, KidProdigy is a good friend and the person who gave me the oppurtunity to work as an admin and help the wiki. GreenMoriyama is a great guy and a hard working admin who has done so much for the Wiki. I also had the pleasure of working with and butting heads with Demise, one of the most mature, under 18 people on the planet and Finally Ma Boss Shiyu, an excellent editor who had a rocky start and now is the newest admin to our wiki.

I believe it is the right time to stop working on the wiki as for the past few months I have not been able to give the wiki as much time as I used to and I have realized that I do not have to, since the wiki has now grown out of its infancy and is now a completely working enviroment with some of the best editors who know what is best for it.

So thanks guys for the great oppurtunity for working with all of you and I hope everyone achieves their goals.

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