Keima 2
Our wiki is now a little over 1 year old. I think it time we get an update with our Policies and Guidelines.

Image Policy

  • All Images will have a new template where the source is refenced.
  • All Images will have a proper label. People are more likly to look for "Keima.png" rather than "shashdoasodoqbfoa.jpg"

Locked Pages

  • There are many locked pages on this wiki, but now the locked pages will be closed to only Anonymous users and New Users
  • If there is an edit war between two users or if the page is being vandalized then the Page will be locked so that only Admins can only edit it.

Refencing Policy

  • All Pages need to be refrenced with the source material
  • Any event that happens in the Source Material(Manga, Light Novel, Anime) needs to be refrenced.
  • All the Refrences will be put under the section called "Refrences"

Speculation Policy

Speculation is strictly Probihited in "The World God Only Knows Wiki", Users are allowed to Speculate only in their blogs. The Manga is the Primary source for this wiki. If there are any differences between the Anime and the Manga then the Manga Comes first. The Differences will be put in a section called "Differences between Anime and Manga" in the Page for the Anime Episode.

When will these Policies Come to effect ?

These Policies will come into effect on Spetember 1st

Please post any other Policy changes that you want to see in the wiki in the comments section.

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