The Limited Edition of the second DVD/Blu-Ray release of The World God Only Knows Season 2 included a bonus CD that contains a collection of background music that was not included in the original soundtrack albums.


  1. How Magnificent, Daily Life! (素晴らしき哉、日常!)
  2. Memory of Love ~Epilogue~ (恋の記憶 ~エピローグ~)
  3. I'm A Useless Demon... (わたし、駄目な悪魔です…)
  4. Twilight of the Heart (こころの夕暮れ)
  5. Approaching Uneasiness (迫り来る不安)
  6. Vanished Memory (消えてしまった記憶)
  7. Lonely Young Lady (孤独な令嬢)
  8. Iron Virgin (アイアンヴァージン)
  9. Reality That Won't Be Accepted (認めたくない現実)
  10. Fragile Maiden (B-type) (軟弱な乙女 (B-type))
  11. Average Girl (B-type) (平凡少女 (B-type))
  12. There's Always a Sun in Your Heart (B-type) (いつも心に太陽を (B-type))
  13. In The Interval Between Ideals & Reality (B-type) (理想と現実の狭間で (B-type))


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