Unpleasant Present

MagiKano Chapter 2 image

 Ureshikunai purezento
Chapter Info
Release Date March 10th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.2
Volume Volume 21 Special Edition
Arc Magical Star Kanon 100% Arc
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Idol on Stage
Black Singing Rival!

Unpleasant Present is the 2nd chapter of The World God Only Knows series' spin off, Magical Star Kanon 100%.


Kanon Nakagawa, under her alias of "Maron" is taking a bath with her new-found friend, Kozue. Kanon explained that she's currently having a sleepover at Kozue's house as Kozue scrubs herself while singing one of Kanon's songs, ALL 4 YOU. Kanon then explained that Kozue was a girls she rescued from a stray runaway Spirit previously and she's a fan of Kanon as well.

Kozue then asked "Maron" if she's really related to Kanon as Kanon agrees as Kozue said that she's envious of Maron and bashfully asked if she can ask for Kanon's autograph from Maron later. However, Kozue pushed her head in the bath water and said that it's not possible as Maron said that she'll ask next time.

Kanon then thought to herself that she needs to return to her original body fast but at that moment, some rather strange events is happening around Maijima. A runaway spirit called Nerdski who was born from the grudge of a man who was wretchedly unpopular with the girls begin to change the gender of all the females to males and generally causing mayhem to the city.

Unpleasant Present ~ Monster no. 2

Nerdski: unpopular with girls.

Kozue, being one of the victims, came to Maron and said that "something weird" is stuck to her body. Maron quickly called Okada about this but Okada only got interested in making a boy band that targets the female audience as Maron angrily said that girls are turning to boys.

Unpleasant Present ~ Kanon Transformation

Magical Girl Kanon saves the girls.

Kozue then begins to cry as Maron decided to stop this and she quickly used her mike and turned to Magical Star Kanon. Kanon then met with Nerdski as the latter was not happy that he is being interfered. Kanon then attacked Nerdski and told him to stop attaching "weird things" to girls as she attacked Nerdski with her song, Love Kanon.

The next day, Kozue was happy that everything went back to normal and asked maron if she was also affected by the attack last night. Maron blushed and said that it's a secret. Meanwhile, Elsie managed to capture Nerdski and Keima said that attached things are good in games.


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