Undercover of the Night

Flag 257

Undercover(アンダーカバー) of(オブ) the() Night(ナイト)
Andākabā obu za naito
Chapter Info
Release Date January 15, 2014
Chapter FLAG.257[1]
Volume Volume 26
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
From Beyond
Let's Spend the Night Together

Undercover of the Night is the 257th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Lune is standing above the room containing the time machine, when she suddenly gets attacked by Dokuro from behind and proceeding to do so multiple times. Lune retaliated by stabbing Dokuro's arm, using a box cutter infused with Old Hell magic. She realizes that Dokuro had set up a barrier in the room, while the two exchange death threats. Lune then proceeds to reshape it to stab Dokuro from behind.

Back at the Shiratori household, Tenri was about to read the 3rd letter to the other goddess hosts, when a distress call is received on Shoutaro's phone. He interrupts her and proceeds to move everyone into his car. Yanagi proceeds to drive them into a forest.

Meanwhile, Haqua and Nora gets pulled down by Akari/Rimuyel's celestial robe. She proceeds to tell them about Satyr , and their political influence over New Hell. Haqua asks her if they needed the goddesses to break the seal of Old Hell. Rimuyel replies that they plan to use a "weapon" (revealed to be some form of monster) instead for that purpose.

Back in the past, Elsie prepares some drinks for her and Keima , while he takes a break from attempting to contact the goddess hosts. Elsie then plays around with the drinks, much to Keima's annoyance.



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