Ultimate Battle


 Aruteimetto batoru
Chapter Info
Release Date March 17th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.4
Volume Volume 21 Special Edition
Arc Magical Star Kanon 100% Arc
Chapter Guide
Black Singing Rival!
A Lonely Tropical Fish

Ultimate Battle is the 4th chapter of The World God Only Knows series' spin off, Magical Star Kanon 100%.


Bell managed to use her powers to remove the inking from the manga chapter but her pet owl informed her that it doesn't seem to affect Kanon nor Kozue much and in fact, the author is quite happy about it. Bell then said that she'll steal the first draft of the manga and her pet owl say that because of it, everyone is unhappy.

Bell then decided to remove the dialogue but Kanon's song still materializes and defeated Bell. Meanwhile, Elsie commented that the readers are the most unhappy ones as Keima said that they're just screwing around.


  • Ultimate Battle is a one-page chapter.


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