To The Destiny

Flag 254 cover

トゥー ザ ディスティニー
Tū za disutinī
Chapter Info
Release Date December 18, 2013
Chapter FLAG.254
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
All Together Flag

To The Destiny is the 254th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Tenri - Going Home

Mari forcibly takes Tenri home.

Mari is dragging Tenri to her house on account of the late hour, asking her whether she's seen Keima, as he's been absent for the last two days. Meanwhile, Haqua and Nora are eating udon in Yukie's house, Nora staying there because she's been ordered to hide.
Nikaido - Orders for Haqua

Nikaidō/Dokuro tells Haqua and Nora to return to New Hell.

A call comes to Haqua, the caller claiming to be Dokuro. Haqua states that Dokuro is dead, but the caller has no time to explain herself and simply orders Haqua to immediately go to New Hell using the secret passage she's used before. She's also told that no matter what she sees in the Human World, she must go straight to Hell.

Lune receives a call from the Public Safety Department, claiming they haven't found the goddesses yet. After berating the Public Safety Department in her head, she wonders why won't the goddesses simply use their power to defeat the devils and the Colossus, choosing to hide instead. She concludes they have other plans and chooses to wait a bit longer.

In the Shiratori household, Shoutaro receives a call from Yanagi, who has found both Yui and Kanon. After inquiring how did she manage to retrieve Kanon from her recording, Yanagi chooses not to tell and recalls making a fake bomb threat. Meanwhile, child Keima falls asleep on Ayumi's lap, to her bewilderment.

Nikaidō approaches
Nikaido - Comfort

Nikaidō/Dokuro dispels Mari's worries.

Tenri and Mari, telling the latter she saw Keima recently talking about some game. After Mari gets angry for Keima always dragging Elsie around, Nikaidō takes Tenri away. Mari stops them and apologises for Keima's behaviour, but Nikaidō tells her Keima isn't a problem at all.

Nikaidō tells Tenri to be careful, as the Satyr-controlled devils are prowling around. Tenri admits to having made a mistake by letting Diana out previously, but says there's no problem with such a powerful devil as Dokuro protecting her. Nikaidō answers that she's now a human and thus not as powerful as before.

Nikaido, Tenri - Temporary Farewell

Dokuro and Tenri proceed with the next step.

Tenri inquires about the fact Mari doesn't recall Nikaidō as Dokuro, even though she stayed at her house in the past. Nikaidō says it's natural, as it was brief and a long time ago.

Dokuro bids Tenri farewell, saying there's a place she wants to check out as they both realise they've finally caught up with Keima.



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