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Release Date September 18, 2013
Cover Character(s) Keima Katsuragi & the Jupiter Sisters
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The World God Only Knows Official Guide Book is a guide book, released alongside Volume 23, of The World God Only Knows. The official title of this guide book is The World God Only Knows - The Complete Conquest Book on the Heroines of God (神のみぞ知るセカイ 神ヒロイン完全攻略ブック kami nomi zo shiru sekai - kami hiroin kanzen kouryaku bukku).

The guidebook offers information and never-before-seen statistics on the 16 heroines and major characters, along with a synopsis of the Goddesses Arc with added insights by Keima Katsuragi. Also included is an overview on many of the minor characters, a list of common terms in the series, a short interview with the author Tamiki Wakaki, other in-story material and finally the one-shot, Koishite!? Kami-sama!!, which is where the whole series began.

Main Character statistics

Name Visual Sociability Specialty Studies Fitness Will Power Special Trait
Ayumi Takahara 4 5 5 2 5 5 Kick Strength
Mio Aoyama 4 2 5 4 2 4 Affection to Father
Kanon Nakagawa 5 3 5 4 3 5 Transparency
Shiori Shiomiya 3.5 1.5 5 5 2 4 Inner thoughts
Kusunoki Kasuga 5 3 5 3 5 5 Cat Lover
Chihiro Kosaka 3 3 5 3 3 3 Rain Bringer
Jun Nagase 4 2 5 5 4.5 4 Pro-wrestling Spirit

Tsukiyo Kujyō

4.5 1 5 4 2 2 Cuddling Mobility
Minami Ikoma 3.5 4 5 4 4.5 3.5 Hair Damage
Tenri Ayukawa 4 1 5 5 4 5 Wholeheartedness
Rieko Hinaga ? ? ? ? ? ? Merits of Age
Sumire Uemoto 4 5 5 2 4 4.5 Carbohydrate Capacity
Nanaka Haibara 4 2 5 4 3 5 Drinking Capacity
Yui Goidou 4.5 3 5 4.5 4.5 4 "Male" Experience
Hinoki Kasuga 5 3 5 4 5 3 Freedom
Akari Kurakawa 2.5 1 5 2 2 2 Mysterious
Keima Katsuragi 5 0 5 5 1 5 Gaming Mind
Elsie 4 5 5 0 3 5 Firetrucks
Haqua 4 2.5 5 5 3.5 4 Home Cooking
Nora 4 3 5 3 4 4 Connections

Character Specific Info

Character Summaries and other comments are by Keima himself. For some of the characters, some of the info supplied is only in regards to the time during their Arc alone.

Title: The Energetic Non-stop Missile Girl
Sub-title: Missile Hurdler

Heroine Summary: "Bright and full of energy, she is the sports girl of the real. Although it is alright that she's heading into problems with all she's got, her forcefulness when pressing the cleaning duties onto others is not welcomed. While she may be somewhat short-tempered, the truth is that she can show quite a jealous expression instead on rare occasions."

Profile Changes:

  • Ayumi's bust size has increased ever since she debuted in the first chapter. In the first volume's omake, her three sizes were 84-60-85, but as of current, her bust has increased by 4cm with a 88-60-85.
    • This has been noted by her "recent worries", where she complains how her breasts grow even though they are not needed for running.

Stats: With All Fitness and Will, She's the 100% Track'n'field Girl

"Her fitness and will, trained by her training in track and field, are the real deal. While her other abilities else than her "fitness" don't stand out as much, due to being on very friendly terms with other members of the track team, her social skills are quite exceptional."

Personality: Doing Everything with All She Has, Not Knowing When to Go Easy

"Anyways she goes head-on into anything! She runs at full speed even when approaching people, so it's not rare for her to crash into them! She's going to injure herself one day!"

Ayumi's Daily: Sleep Well and Train Plenty

"Morning and evening, she trains plenty on the track field. She makes sure she has ample amount of time saved for meals, along with lots of sleeping time. Quite enthusiastic about keeping her body in shape."
  • Sleep Time: 9pm to 5am (8 Hours)
  • School Time: 8am to 3:30pm (7 1/2 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Morning Track Practice: 7am to 8am (1 hour)
    • Track'n'Field/Band Practice: 3:30pm to 6pm (2 1/2 hours)
    • Bath Time: 8pm to 9pm (1 hour)

Title: The Tsundere Girl who Protects her Pure Heart with Flashy Armor
Sub-title: Former Celeb of Class A

Heroine Summary: "There is no one at school who does not know her, for she was the daughter of the Aoyama Corporation. But ever since her father, who was the Corporation's president, has died, she's been in a slump. In order to protect her family's pride, she hides the fact that she's poor and puts up such a firm personality."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: Expert of Nobility, Newcomer of Commoners

"Because she's been introduced to high-class items ever since she was young, her knowledge of that area is high, but she lacks some common sense at certain times. Since she has started doing part-time work recently, her communication skills are progressively growing."

Personality: The Heiress Whose Pride Protects her Soul of a Former Celeb

"Even after the loss of the father she so admired, she pridefully keeps her high-handed personality, wasting no time in sorrow. Because of her own doctrine of not associating with commoners, she has very few close friends at school."

Mio's Daily: After School, for the Sake of the House Expenses, She Works Part-Time at a Bakery.

"She gives herself a refined surplus of time for breakfast. It seems like she's working at "The Bread's Flute" to study the society in order to rebuild the Aoyama's family's reputation."
  • Sleep Time: 11pm to 7am (8 hours)
  • School Time: 8:30am to 3pm (7 1/2 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Part-Time Work: 3pm to 6pm (3 hours)
    • "About Commoners" Study: 10pm to 11pm (1 hour)

Title: The Super-Idol with Good Looks, a Good Voice, and Good Grades
Sub-title: Mood-Swing Idol

Heroine Summary: "Having won the latest newcomer's award, she's a real idol popular throughout the world. While I may not know the truth, it seems that she's active on TV and magazines. While she has splendid conduct but a rather delicate inside, she seems to have not realized that."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: While She may seem Perfect, She has an Unlikely Weakness

"With both good appearance and personality, she may look perfect from the outside, but she actually has some difficulties in her sociability. Seems like she doesn't have an actual friend at school she can properly talk to. "

Personality: From Smile to Berserk, the Two Extremes are Part of her Pure Heart

"Because her mood floats and sinks easily, when she fails something, she quickly gets depressed. And, when her existence as an idol is rejected, she also has a bothersome side of her that goes berserk."

Kanon's Daily: Super Busy with Work and Lessons

"As a top idol, her schedule in one day is almost filled with work-related items, leaving little to no time for privacy."
  • Sleep Time: 3am to 6am (3 hours)
  • School Time: None
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Lessons as an Idol: 9am to 3pm (6 hours)
    • Interviews/TV Performance: 3pm to 6pm, 6:30pm to 10pm (6 1/2 hours)
    • Location Change: 8am to 9am, 10pm to 11pm (2 hours)
    • Preparations for the Next Day: 11pm to 2am (3 hours)
    • Study Time: 2am to 3am (1 hour)

Unique Fact:

  • Kanon and Nanaka are tied for the least amount of sleep in their daily schedule at 3 hours. Kanon's lack of sleep is due to her busy idol schedule, which can be argued to be the most busy-bodied schedule of all the characters!

Title: The Literature Girl who loves Books more than Anything
Sub-title: Library Committee Member

Heroine Summary: "The Library Committee girl who is quiet and loves books. While this kind of girl is a norm in Galge, unlike her outer appearance, she is quite enthusiastic on the inside. While I have experienced conquesting many library girls, I'm definite that Shiori is one of the more interesting ones."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: The Liberal Arts Girl who Extremely Hates Talking with People

"With the fact that she can't talk much with even people she knows well, her sociability is the worst. While other parts of her isn't that impressive either, as a Liberal Arts girl, she has heightened intellect."

Personality: The Inside of her Head is Unusually Eloquent

"While she may be a silent girl who doesn't talk with people much, she's constantly thinking about many, many things inside of her head. Because the tempo of her conduct is on the slow side, she truthfully is not given the chance to speak her mind."

Shiori's Daily:The Core of her Lifestyle is Reading Books

"Since she loves reading so much that she read all the books in the library, most of her private time is also committed to reading."
  • Sleep Time: Midnight to 6:30am (6 1/2 hours)
  • School Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm (6 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Library Committee Activity: 3:30pm to 6pm (2 1/2 hours)
    • Reading: 9pm to Midnight (3 hours)

Title: The Warrior Girl Who has Committed Herself to the Warrior's Path
Sub-title: Fancy Karate Practitioner

Heroine Summary: "Being the Successor of the Ancient Martial Art Kasuga-Style Life and Death Technique, she hates weak men and loves Senbē. I at first thought she lived a mannish and one-track mind lifestyle, but there hides inside her a feminine upperclassman who adores cute things."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: All except her Sociability being High, She has Great Potential

"Only because Kusunoki holds an atmosphere that doesn't want her to get close to others, her sociability is low. But else than that, she has a beautiful face and body, great physical reflexes and stats with no spots of weaknesses."

Personality: While She may seem Manly, She also has a Girlish Side to Herself

"From her assumption that she should take actions that are appropriate as the successor of the Kasuga-style martial arts, you can say the conduct she shows is manlier than men, which sometimes can be violent. But she also has a side which loves cute things."

Kusunoki's Daily:Most of her Time Devoted to Training

"Since she is the successor of the Kasuga-style martial arts, in order to heighten her skills as much as possible, most of her time else than school is devoted to self training."
  • Sleep Time: Midnight to 6am (6 hours)
  • School Time: 8:30am to 3:30pm (7 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Training: 6am to 7:30am, 7:30pm to 11pm (5 hours)
    • Karate Club: 3:30pm to 6pm (2 1/2 hours)

Title: Representative of "The Girl who is Among the Many Others"
Sub-title: Lazy Girl

Heroine Summary: "Looking at her she has no specialties or glamor, rather she's just an ordinary girl. On top of that, she's the worst, insulting me by calling me Otamegane or Cockroach man. I would say she wouldn't be a girl to be chosen as a heroine for Galge."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: In Regards to Everything about Her, She's Plainly Normal

"Lacking effort and going only half-way with her stats, there is nothing about her that stands out! It's hard to raise flags with mob characters with no defining parts, which will make her a hard one to conquest."

Personality: Half-Hearted and Vague, She's a Real Girl among Real Girls

"If she finds a cool guy, she'll immediately confess to him, and if it doesn't go well, she'll just continue onto finding another love. Lacking with determination, shown with her quick change of heart, it seems she has not felt what real love is just yet."

Chihiro's Daily:Her Time spent Home is for Band Practice

"Before she wasn't in a club and dedicated her life to the pursuit of love, but ever since she's formed her band, she's been practicing after school and at home."
  • Sleep Time: 11pm to 6am (7 hours)
  • School Time: 8am to 4pm (8 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Band Practice: 5pm to 7pm (2 hours)
    • TV: 9pm to 11pm (2 hours)

Title: The Hot-Headed Teacher who Chases after the Ideals
Sub-title: Very Positive Teacher-in-Training

Heroine Summary: "The teacher-in-training who aims to be a great teacher by becoming the vice-homeroom teacher. She's a hot-headed woman who loves pro-wrestling. While she's doing her utmost best to become the ideal teacher, she's troubled by the fact that the gap between her ideals and the real are so far apart."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: Aiming to be a Teacher, She is Fit, Spirited and Confident

"While her physical fitness, spirit and study skills are high and she has a reputation for being charming amongst the students, because of her tendency to push her ideals onto others, I can't say her communication skills are high."

Personality: Focused on Chasing after her Ideals, She becomes Unable to See her Surroundings

"Kind to each and every student, she seems to be the ideal teacher. But when she thought I was a trouble-maker, she kept pulling my leg by pushing her ideals onto me, which would cause anyone around trouble."

Jun's Daily:Even Devotes her After-School Time for her Students

"During her time a teacher-in-training, she took her time after-school to call all her students and be their counsel and other things, showing how hard working she is while being carried away as a teacher."
  • Sleep Time: 11pm to 5am (6 hours)
  • School Time: 7am to 4pm (9 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Writing a Report of her Training: 4pm to 6pm (2 hours)
    • Calling Students: 8pm to 10pm (2 hours)

Title: The Tsun-Tsun Character who Only Recognizes What is Beautiful
Sub-title: Over-Beauty-Conscious Astronomy Club Member

Heroine Summary: "Although she is short in height, she's a second-year student and the president of the Astronomy club. Because of the complicated family circumstances she's lived in, she holds a strong value of only recognizing what is beautiful. With no friends, she is always on the roof looking through her telescope."

Profile Changes:

  • Tsukiyo's class has been added (class 2-A).

Stats: She Hates People, so Her Social Skills are Down-Right Low!

"Having closed her heart from and avoiding meeting with others, she has her own problems with her sociability. While she is a smart and well-kept lady, probably because of her good upbringing, her fitness and will are lacking."

Personality: An Unique Lady who Wishes to Become just like a Doll

"Carrying around a doll named Luna, she hasn't opened her heart to no one else than Luna. Being raised as the daughter of a well-known designer, she happens to look down only upon the ugly parts of others."

Tsukiyo's Daily:Even Devotes her After-School Time for her Students

"During her time a teacher-in-training, she took her time after-school to call all her students and be their counsel and other things, showing how hard working she is while being carried away as a teacher."
  • Sleep Time: 11pm to 6am (7 hours)
  • School Time (Sometimes skips to watch the skies): 8am to 4pm (8 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Watch the Skies: As early as 8am; 4pm to 7pm; 8pm to 9pm (4~12 hours)
    • Bath Time: 10pm to 11pm (1 hour)

Title: The Hard-Working Member of the Middle School Swimming Team
Sub-title: Underclassman with Damaged Hair

Heroine Summary: "The girl who attends the middle school part of Maijima Academy. It seems like she put a majority of her middle school life into the swimming club. Having put her heart into club activities, she's a girl of pure-heart who hasn't experienced romance as of yet. She an easy type of girl to conquer..."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: With the Fitness and Will She Has Built up through Swimming, She also has Sociability

"With the sports-type of club that is strict with formalities, her fitness and will are quite high. Being friends with everyone in the club, it can be said her social skills are also high."

Personality: The Innocent Girl who's Given her All to Swimming

"Honestly being absorbed into the club activities, she lives a pure and hard-working lifestyle. With her swimming club classmates at school and her little brother at home pushing her around, she's the type to be teased a lot by others."

Minami's Daily:Even without Club Activities, I'll just Swim anyway!

"During the day, she comes and goes between the school and the pool. Because of her ruffled hair caused by the chlorine within the pool, it takes some time for her to prepare in the morning."
  • Sleep Time: 10pm to 5am (7 hours)
  • School Time: 8am to 4pm (8 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Practice/Club Activities: 7am to 8am; 4pm to 6pm (3 hours)
    • Maintenance of her Hair: 9pm to 10pm (1 hour)

Title: The Earnest Childhood Friend who has Continued to Love Keima
Sub-title: Anthrophobic, Dual-Personality Childhood Friend

Heroine Summary: "The classmate who lived diagonally next to my home during elementary school. While she has such a great background, game-wise, by being my childhood friend, it seems like she didn't remain in my memories because of how plain she was. Now, as much as she is shy, her forceful desires has appeared as a separate personality?"

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: As much as She is Afraid of Talking, her Social Skills are Lacking

"Always hesitant, she doesn't talk with people properly. Now with the ability to summon an alternate personality that is the complete opposite, this other personality is charge of most of the talking."

Personality: The Peculiar Girl who Houses Diana, a Goddess from Heaven

"She says she houses Diana, a goddess who came from heaven. That's probably why it looks like an alternate personality. Although they share the same body, their thoughts are separate, where Diana is the harsh one."

Tenri's Daily:All her Free-Time is for Bubble-Wrap Popping!

"Because she has no friends, whenever she is free, she is popping bubble-wraps. During the night, she is practicing her magic tricks."
  • Sleep Time: 10pm to 5:30am (7 1/2 hours)
  • School Time: 8:30am to 4pm (7 1/2 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Bubble-Wrap Popping: 5pm to 7pm (2 hours)
    • Magic Trick Practice & Bubble-Wrap Popping: 9pm to 10pm (1 hour)

Title: The Girl who Plays Alone in the Graveyard
Sub-title: Grandmother

Heroine Summary: "The ghost who appears in the graveyard near Gramps' home. And when night falls, she haunts the grounds, searching for someone to play with while singing, "If you don't play with me, I'll cut your head off." There are always times when you need to conquest even ghosts."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: Because She's a Ghost, her Stats are Unique

"Since she roams the graveyard every night when night falls, her fitness and will power must be beyond human. And because she is a ghost, it's impossible to measure the parameters of her stats."

Personality: The Ghost Born from the Crevice within the Old Lady's Heart

"Rieko is an acquaintance of Gramps. Could it be that because all of her friends disappeared one by one, leaving her alone with no one to play with, that a ghost manifested?"

Rieko's Daily: Only Active while the Old Lady is Asleep

"Because she only shows herself when the Old Lady is asleep, she is only active during the nighttime. She spends the entire night looking for someone to play with."
  • Playing in the Graveyard: 9pm to 5am (8 hours)

Unique Fact:

  • Rieko stats are mostly based on her ghost-self. This is why her daily schedule only reflects the time when Rieko is asleep, which is when ghost Rieko is "awake".
    • While her basic stats are unknown "because she's a ghost", based on the trend of the statistics chart, her specialty, Merits of Age, is most likely very high.

Title: Stakes her Life on Super Sweet Ramen!
Sub-title: Ramen Girl the Brave!

Heroine Summary: "With her father being the owner of a Ramen store, she diligently trains herself in hopes of taking over the store. Although she deeply loves Ramen from the bottom of her heart, she seeks for an original recipe no one can copy, leading her down an entirely different path of Ramen."

Profile Changes:

  • Sumire has grown in height ever since her debut in Volume 8, growing 2cm from 157cm to 159cm.

Stats: While She has Potential in having Specialties, She's only a Step before Blooming Forth

"She has the passion for Ramen, and the fitness to support that passion, that are beyond the ordinary. Although with where she lives, and the enthusiastic research she does, she has an abundance of knowledge, she still has a ways to go."

Personality: The Type to do Whatever Comes to Mind, the Reckless and Rushing

"Not caring about the opinion of the people around, she has no interest in anything but Ramen. Aiming for the ideal, she values originality, making her the reckless and rushing type of girl."

Sumire's Daily:Anyways, Ramen! Anything and All, Ramen!

"It's best to say that everything aside from her sleep and time at school is surrounded by Ramen. Maybe she even dreams of Ramen..."
  • Sleep Time: 11pm to 7am (8 hours)
  • School Time: 8am to 12pm, 1pm to 4pm (7 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Part-Time Work (Ramen): 4pm to 8:30pm (4 1/2 hours)
    • Research (Ramen): 8:30pm to 11pm (2 1/2 hours)

Title: Aiming to be a Pro Shogi Player, She Aims to be Publicly Recognized by the Shoureikai!
Sub-title: Never Surrender Slender Girl

Heroine Summary: "The genius girl who loves Shogi. With the gift for Shogi she has attained, along with her efforts, she prides herself in a being undefeated. Personality-wise, she is determined and strong. But because of her defeat to Diana who was taking control of Tenri's body, a gap had opened in her heart."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: With her Cute Kansai Dialect, She's a Head-Strong Girl Back from Abroad

"Her passion for Shogi has grown into her obsession in having matches against others. But, because she only values how good someone is at Shogi, her communication skills are rather low..."

Personality: The Holder of Great Courage, not Retreating even when approaching Men

"She wouldn't mind going to other schools to play Shogi for the sake of training. Not concerning if her opponent is a man or woman, she only cares if they are strong in Shogi or not."

Nanaka's Daily:Not even Sparring her Sleep, All is Sacrificed for the Sake of Winning!

"Although she already commits a lot of time to practice matches and study of Shogi, for the sake of her rematch with Tenri, she takes off even more sleep..."
  • Sleep Time: 4am to 7am (3 hours)
  • School Time: 8am to 12pm, 1pm to 4pm (7 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • Shogi: 4pm to 6:30pm, 7:30pm to 4am (11 hours)
    • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner): 7am to 8am, 12pm to 1pm, 6:30pm to 7:30pm (1 hour each)

Unique Fact:

  • Nanaka and Kanon are tied for the least amount of sleep in their daily schedule at 3 hours. Nanaka's lack of sleep is due to her indulgence in Shogi, which consumes a total of 11 hours of her daily schedule!

Title: The Secluded Lady who Wishes for Freedom
Sub-title: Drummer Girl

Heroine Summary: "Daughter of the Goidou house, the famed family known for having the deepest history with the city of Maijima. A daughter heavily enclosed in a metaphoric metal box. Although her upbringing has been following the ways of her parents, she heavily feels that it all needs to stop. Although this should have been an easy conquest..."

Profile Changes:

  • None that are notable.

Stats: By Default, She is a Well-Prepared Princess

"Pretty much a perfect "Princess." with a good upbringing and an attractive figure and face, her movements and mannerism are also graceful. She continues to live on under the stern expectations of her family pride and parents."

Personality: Secret-Keeper of a Hidden Talent and Personality

"with excellent grades, she is a talented lady who has attended to many study sessions. Being in charge of the percussion in the Wind Instrument club, she had shown a glimpse of her natural talent for rhythm."

Yui's Daily:Though She seems Elegant, The Princess is Actually Busy

"Although she is gracefully brought to school by a chauffeur, she is staying up late for high-class training sessions. And with her mother attending to these, she has no freedom of time."
  • Sleep Time: 11am to 7am (8 hours)
  • School Time: 8am to 12pm, 1pm to 4pm (7 hours)
  • Other Notable Times:
    • High-Class Training Sessions: 4pm to 8:30pm (4 1/2 hours)
    • Bath Time: 9:15pm to 10pm (45 minutes)
    • Study: 10pm to 11pm (1 hour)

Profile Changes:

  • Akari's blood type remains as "AB", but in the guide book, in comparison to the original omake that gave her blood type an "AB (?)", it is recorded instead as "She has an 'AB blood type' personality". This still means her blood type is unknown, though.

  • Although Keima plays his games through the night as seen throughout the manga and anime, his daily schedule displays that he gets a good amount of sleep (6 hours). As to how he gets this amount of sleep remains unexplained.
  • Keima is the only character to have "0" social skills, which, as noted, is because of his complete lack of desire to associate with the "real".
    • It is notable to say that, based on their statistics, Keima and Elsie are somewhat polar opposites in extremities when comparing both their social and study skills. While Keima is the study-king in comparison to the dunce Elsie, he has no real social skill in the real while Elsie literally has a perfect "5" for sociability.

  • In the guide book, Elsie's full name is written as "Elysia de Lute Ima".
  • Elsie is such a study-dunce that she is the only character whose study skills is a round "0".
    • It is notable to say that, based on their statistics, Elsie and Keima are somewhat polar opposites in extremities when comparing both their social and study skills. While Elsie can make friends with almost anyone, in comparison to Keima who dares not try to make connections with the "real", she is so bad at studying that she has a "0", in comparison to Keima who gets 100% on every test.

  • In the guide book, Haqua's full name is written as "Haqua d'rot Herminium".


Omake Synopsis

Strip One: Keima sees Yokkyun on his PFP. Seeing he is part of the 3D and she is part of the 2D, he starts to train.

Strip Two: After harsh training, Keima is successful in "exorcising" himself into the game.

Strip Three: Being unable to move on his own in the game, he asks for Elsie's help to complete the game for him. But with her lack of gaming experience, in-game Keima meets a Bad End.

Final Strip: Yokkyun grows farther away from Keima. Adding to the trouble, the battery of the PFP is running out, so Keima demands Elsie to recharge the PFP. Before she is able to, Keima is ejected from the game, back into the 3D. While Elsie apologizes, Keima says, "it's ok," accepting his fate of being in the 3D while lying on the couch.


  • The guide book features a simulation "game" for One Leaf, the game Yokkyun is featured in in-story. Keima and Yokkyun's "son" is shown as part of the game's True End.
  • The three devils (Elsie, Haqua and Nora) all don't have a daily schedule. This displays how they don't have a normal or consistant schedule.
    • Elsie on the other hand may have had an actual schedule during the earlier part of the storyline, but the significance of her schedule is more akin to only "sleep, school, and firetrucks".
  • There have been a few errors in the first print which was corrected in the second print of the book as stated on Wakaki Tamiki's blog as of mid-November 2013. Included among the corrected errors are inconsistencies in the characters' stats (not all characters had full 5's in their "specialty" category, when they all should have) and grammar mistakes.
  • A notable mention is that the statistic chart displays that the most sociable characters (with 5 "sociability") tend to lack strength in study skills (under 3 "studies"), whereas the most skilled characters in studying (with 5 "studies") have underaverage capability in socializing (under 3 "sociability").
    • Keima and Elsie happen to be this exact example, as noted in their profile above (although they may not represent the true stereotype).

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