TV version
The Way of the Bonds

Kizuna no yukue

Kanji Title キズナノユクエ
Romaji Title Kizuna no Yukue
English Title The Way of the Bonds
Song Type Anime Theme Song
Character Jupiter Sisters
Seiyū Nao Toyama, Kaori Nazuka, Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi, Ayahi Takagaki, Ayana Taketatsu
Album 神のみぞ知るセカイ 女神篇「キズナノユクエ」
Release Date September 11, 2013

The Way of the Bonds is the ending theme song of The World God Only Knows Megami-hen.

Song Guide

Tsukiyo's part
Kanon's part
Tenri's part
Shiori's part
Yui's part
Ayumi's part
Kanon and Tenri duo
Ayumi and Yui duo
Shiori and Tsukiyo duo
Every one


Translate by: Kirie

Kanji Lyrics Romaji Lyrics Translated Lyrics
深くて熱い愛しさ 会うたびに積もるの白い羽のように Fukakute atsui itoshī sa au tabi ni tsumoru no shiroi hane no you ni My deep passionate love piles up like white feathers whenever we meet
何度もすれ違っていた 好き嫌い大好きスクランブル交差点  Nando mo surechigatte ita sukikirai daisuki sukuranburu kōsaten My likes, hates and love disagreed with each other many times, like a scrambled intersection
朝も昼も夜も夢の中でも Asa mo hiru mo yoru mo yume no nakade mo Whether it's morning, noon or night, or even in my dreams
ずっと 傍に いたい Zutto soba ni itai All I want is to be at your side
あなたを 守りたいの Anata wo mamoritai no I want to protect you
こんな気持ち 初めての感情 Konna kimochi hajimete no kanjō This is the first time I have felt this feeling
世界を敵にしても 私だけは味方でいたいから Sekai wo teki ni shite mo watashi dake wa mikata de itai kara Even if the entire world is your enemy, I alone will remain as your ally


  • In the broadcast version, this ending theme included the phrase "I believe in you" (信じてる shinjiteru) by each heroine after the end of the lyrics. In the official CD release though, this is not included.
  • As seen in the ending theme for this song, Chihiro is the only one among the girls who walks off-view. This may be an allussion that she is not a goddess host.

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The World God Only Knows S3 ED Ending01:31

The World God Only Knows S3 ED Ending



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