The Present Time “Tsukiyo & Shiori”

Flag 240

ザ プレゼント タイム “ツキヨ&シオリ”
Za purezento taimu “Tsukiyo & Shiori”
Chapter Info
Release Date August 24th 2013
Chapter FLAG.240
Volume Volume 24
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
Love's Labour's Lost

The Present Time “Tsukiyo & Shiori” is the 240th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Returning to the present time, Tsukiyo and Shiori unexpectedly form a bond after moon-gazing. As they begin to become more and more comfortable towards one another, their budding friendship is rudely interrupted by the wails of the 7-year-old (mentally) Keima, who has yet to have played enough video games.

Keima - Tantrum

Keima makes a fuss.

The two girls wonder why Keima is acting in such a manner, and both agree that neither of them still cannot understand him despite their respective experiences with him. After a moment of silence, Shiori inquires Tsukiyo if she was aware of the legend of Maijima City, then subsequently petitions for her aid in investigating more about the goddesses that reside within them.

Unbeknownst to the girls, they were being monitored by an agent from Hell. While sending a report, the agent is violently blown away by a sudden tempest that reveals itself to be Ayumi.

Ayumi - Whirlwind



  • The moon in this chapter is in its first quarter, but in the previous chapter, taking place during the same night, it is a full moon.


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