The Present Time “Ayumi”

Flag 252 cover

ザ プレゼント タイム “アユミ”
Za purezento taimu “Ayumi”
Chapter Info
Release Date November 27th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.252
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
All Together Flag

The Present Time “Ayumi” is the 252nd chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Ayumi - No More Games

Ayumi disciplines Keima.

Back in the present, Ayumi has arrived at the Maijima Shrine, on Mercury's prompt. As she wonders whether Keima will be there at all, she encounters his childlike self, enamored with video games.

Shiori and Tsukiyo are preparing to depart for the library, when they notice Ayumi yelling at Keima and beating him up. She notices them and drags Keima away, but Shiori takes out a portable game console, which lures him back instantly. Her and Tsukiyo ask Ayumi to join them and they all go to the library.

The girls start realizing that the number of Keima's lovers is probably much higher than they expected, but nonetheless start investigating the town of Maijima together. Ayumi, however, finds herself overwhelmed with the amount of books, so she just helps with carrying them and then starts talking with Keima.

As she berates him for flirting with other girls, child Keima responds by explaining how a harem route in galges works. Ayumi gets annoyed by that and yells that she really wanted to marry him. To that, Shiori musters her courage and tells Ayumi that, whatever Keima did, he must have had a reason.

Ayumi - Serious Marital Issues

Ayumi bares her feelings.

Satyr - Pre-emptive Strike

Satyr attacks.

After Ayumi yells that she doesn't care about Keima anymore, a giant hand breaks the library's wall. The goddesses take over their hosts and recognize the aggressor as a colossus. At this moment, a large Toyota drives into the library and the driver, grandpa Shiratori, urges the goddesses to get in and avoid fighting.



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