The District Chief Comes!

Flag 15.0

Chikuchō, Kitaru.
Episode Info
Air Date April 26th, 2011
Target None
Adapted from
Episode 15.0
Episode (Original) 3.0
Arc Haqua Arc
Opening Song A Whole New World God Only Knows
Ending Song Ai no Yokan
Episode Guide
Settled With a Fist
District Chief, Regain Your Pride

The District Chief Comes! (地区長、来たる。 Chikuchō, Kitaru.) is the 3rd episode of the second season and the 15th episode in all.


Elsie wants to get close to Haqua

Elsie wants to get close to Haqua

Elsie is surprised to see Haqua in a long time. Haqua says that Elsie is stuck again in the Detention Bottle which she could remember doing the same thing. Elsie then smiles calling her name which Haqua says that it is pretty rare to see another demon let alone a former classmate. Elsie wants to get close to Haqua but Haqua where been letting the bottle fall down which Elsie falls down in the School Park. Haqua then comes down saying that they are public servants and that she must act more professionally.

Elsie hugs Haqua

Elsie hugs Haqua

Elsie then hug Haqua saying that it has been forever that they doesn't seen each other. Haqua then says that she will never grown up which Elsie says that she is happy because she haven't seen her since the graduation. Elsie then sees the raiment what Haqua has saying that she's also a member of the Spirit Squad Team. Haqua tells Elsie to hold on saying that she isn't just a member and tells Elsie to look at her armband. Haqua then tells that she's the Chief of the Far East Division's District 32 saying that she's an section chief. Elsie is happy about what she heard telling her that she's an first-class public servant.
Haqua's Time at School

Haqua runs for the top

Elsie's Time at School

Elsie falls down

Haqua then ask Elsie to shake hands with her which that Elsie agrees. Elsie then recollecting her memories about their time at school saying that Haqua was always number 1 which she where telling about her time saying that she was performing miserably which she is stuck in a third class position forever. Haqua then says that nothing is awesome about her.
Keima's search for an Event

Keima is seeking for an Event

Elsie doesn't understand that which Haqua says that it is perfectly normal for her to be the very best. Elsie then says that she is cool like Keima. Haqua doesn't know what Elsie is saying which that Elsie introduce her to him saying that it is her buddy. Haqua then walks to him saying that he's just an ordinary human and wonders what so incredible about him. She then later says that it doesn't matter and ask Keima to shake hands. Keima then stand on the school park bench which made Haqua scared and wonders whats wrong with him. Keima then seeks for a signal to catch an event. Elsie then introduced Haqua to Keima. Keima then says that he demands silence and says that an event is about to descend from the sky. Keima gets the event which leaves Keima relief. Keima then reacts mad that they must stop holding events that require connecting online on their birthday at noon. Keima then says that he will never buy a game from that company.

Haqua laughs at Elsie

Haqua laughs at Elsie

Haqua then laughs saying that he's "indeed, incredible". Elsie then says at a low voice that Keima is stupid. Haqua then says that it must be hard capturing loose souls with Keima and ask her how many she has captured. Elsie then says that she doesn't know how everyone else is doing which she doesn't know if it's good or bad. Haqua then ask her again how many she has been captured. Elsie then ask Haqua how many she has captured, Haqua nervously replied that she had captured 10. Elsie says that she is great saying that she only has captured 5. Haqua has become surprised repeating what she has said. Haqua then tells her that she don't have to lie about it because she would've gotten a demon medal if she had captured that many,which made Elsie happy because she realized that she'll be able to get one medal she also congratulated Haqua on getting two medals.
Haqua flies off

Haqua flies off

Haqua then looks at Keima. Elsie then received an urgent message from Docrow Skull,Docrow said that there's an incoming loose soul and says that some fool at a different district tried to capture it but failed. Docrow then tells more saying that the loose soul has become stronger after increasing its strength. Haqua looks at Elsie in a shameful style. Elsie then now understands why the sensor went off. Haqua then wonders who's the idiot that made the loose soul escape and said that she'll be tracking the loose soul. Elsie then ask Haqua to team-up with her. Haqua then refuses because she's a district chief and she doesn't need help from a grunt she then flies off.

Keima's Position

Keima tries to get another Event

Elsie then goes to Keima saying that there is a loose soul. Keima where then been trying to catch another event saying that another event will come over a next half hour. Keima then says that he will refuse to go anywhere that drops him under three bars. Elsie then cries saying that Keima is so unbearable. Haqua then says that she must search in the school. Everyone in school is looking at her but she says that she doesn't know where she is. She's then outside feeling not well that the spirit has been gone, she then starts to talk to herself saying that she wanted to be assigned to Europe which she says that she was born in the west. Keima then comes asking her if she wants help where Keima is shown again in a weird pose getting another event.
Haqua Embarrassed

Haqua is Embarrassed

Keima then says that he's familiar with the school and can help her to capture the loose soul for her. Haqua then laughs saying what can a human possibly do. Keima then says with enough information just about everything. Haqua then tells Keima that she's a high-class demon and tells him to go back to Elsie. Keima then says that she doesn’t need to worry and won't tell her that she has let the loose soul escape and tells her that she probably wants to keep that a secret. Haqua then looked shocked but tries to hide it when she yells at Keima. Keima then doesn't listen to Haqua while successfully receiving the next event and as such, is relieved. Haqua then tells him to listing to her. Keima then says that she was already in a pursuit before her superior's notification which she didn't mention that to Elsie. Keima then says that things will work out smoothly if Haqua and Elsie just should work together.

Elsie lands on Keima

Elsie has landed on Keima

Haqua then says that it was top but Keima says that is was top-secret information which that previous transmission would suggest otherwise. Haqua then is shocked and wonders who Keima is noting that he's completely different than before. Keima then noticed something which that contains to be Elsie. Elsie then falls down from the sky at the place where Keima and Haqua are right now which she lands on Keima. Elsie then ask Keima why he's doing at the place and noticed Haqua. Elsie then says that the loose soul wasn't on the left side of city. Haqua then takes Elsie away from Keima saying that she got it covered and ask her to check out on the other buildings. Haqua then says at final that Elsie still sucks at landing even after all those pointers on deceleration. Haqua then reminds her if Elsie turn in cloaking for her raiment.
Keima starts to betray

Keima starts to Betray Haqua

Elsie then comes to Haqua saying that she has forgotten it. Haqua then says during the day she has to turn it on otherwise peoples will see her which means that there will be more work for an admin, at on that rate she will never get promoted. Elsie then says that Haqua is always on the ball which she says that she can never be like her. Elsie then says that she has already captured 10 loose souls. Haqua looked shy which Elsie complimented her that she's a perfect demon. Keima where then been saying to Elsie that the shocking truth about the model student which she must click on the link for some information she love. Haqua then starts to attack Keima which she later tells Elsie that she can look somewhere and contact her if she find something.

Keima has been attacked by Haqua

Keima has been attacked by Haqua

Elsie is then on her way to fins the loose soul. Keima then says that she admit it that she's the one who let the loose soul escape. Haqua then says that she had let her guard down for a second. Keima then says that he has no intention to turn her in or anything else and later says that he simply wants to understand his situation. Keima then says that he wants to end with this game as soon is possible, when he comes closer to Haqua, Haqua then starts to move backwards. Keima then says to end the game he will need information, the information that will help him to reach the ending. Keima then shows her some place around school which what he says that that is the place where she can find most of the students passing through, but it is empty until lunch has been ended.
Haqua looks in the past

Haqua looks in the past with her Hagomoro

Haqua then tells Keima to hold on and says that the loose soul had left a trail. She where then been looking on her bun and shows a recall about what happened 30 minutes ago. Keima is impressed what Haqua is doing saying that Elsie never has done anything like that. Haqua then says that she cannot manage this item which that Keima where been playing on his PFP telling her to make it quick saying that he's busy. Haqua then says that some human, which she then later says that he's threatening a demon. Keima then says that she's letting a human threatening her. Haqua then hooked Keima saying that, once she find the loose soul she will kill him.

Keima and Haqua

Keima and Haqua in a class room

Keima then says that she won't be able to kill him which he says that if Keima dies then Elsie will die too which he says that she isn't capable of killing a friend. Haqua then says that Elsie is not a friend. Keima then says that she gave Elsie away pointers evenly she isn't her friend. Haqua then smacks Keima saying that she cannot stand him and that she won't shake hands with him. Keima then says that it isn't a problem. Haqua then goes away which that Keima reminds her that she was actually looking for a trail. Haqua then says that she didn't find anything and ask Keima to move on. Keima then where been putting a outline on the board where they all went. Haqua where being mocking where the loose soul actually went. Keima then says that he might hiding in someone else.
Old Hell

Old Hell

Haqua then says that she has a doubt about it, which saying that the loose soul has grow big which it wont be able that the loose soul would get fit inside which that's why that they must capture it quickly. Haqua then explains further that a loose soul that amassed power is dangerous. Keima then ask her why which he tells he that Elsie told him that these where the loose souls of evil peoples. Keima then explains further saying that all the power in the world can't change the fact that they're only human. Haqua then says that he's wrong. Haqua then explains that the loose souls are evil peoples from their world, the souls of demons. She then explains further that they are not just like them which saying that they are real demons. She then says that long ago Hell was a place where evil was fostered, all to create wicked souls to feed on which has been an haven for demons.

New Hell Demons

New Hell

Haqua then tells further that there where also other demons who frowned on that practice, which that they sealed the ancient demons which that they has created new a hell. Haqua then explains further that Hell ruled by a rational order

The Demons were sealed

which that they ushering in the era of new demons. Keima where been at the back of the class playing on his PFP.
Haqua then responds mad against Keima if he where been listening to her story. Keima then tells Haqua that she must wait because he can save after one more turn. Haqua is the poking Keima with her scythe saying that he's the one that wants to known about it.

Keima with Kurby's

Keima's Explanation

Keima then says that he knows the basic premise right now. Haqua then ask him how he possibly know that because she evenly has reached the main part yet. Haqua then starts to talk about the loose souls but Keima where been interrupting it saying that loose souls are souls of the sealed ancient demons who plot their return. Keima then explains further that they are still weak when they are breaking free out of New Hell and they have no corporeal bodies. Which that Keima says that they are then targeting humans which they only feed on negative emotions. Keima then says that they hide in the emptiness of the humans heart while they feed on negative feelings and then grow. They're tracked and captured by Elsie and the rest of the Runaway Spirit Squad. Haqua is surprised that Keima already knows it.



Second Outline

Haqua then says that Elsie already told him everything. Keima then says that she didn't, which Keima says that he combined her story with the previous events there will be logical conclusion. Keima then still wonders one thing about the special abilities that the demons will show off. Haqua then says that it shows off when the demons are only weak which Haqua explains that human can siphon their power then. Keima then ask Haqua what will happen when a demon fully matures. Haqua then ask Keima that he doesn't know it. Keima then says that they have been capturing every demon before it happened. Haqua then says that the demon has fully reincarnated as host's offspring. Haqua then lands on a table saying that the age of barbarian has been ended which they new demons are intelligent rational creatures.
Haqua holds Keima

Haqua holds Keima

Outside Elsie where been seeing a fire engine, when they where been go off, Elsie where then been remember that she must find the loose soul. Keima then knows it by now which that Haqua tells him that he mustn't be assume that that rest of them are like Elsie. Haqua then grabs Keima with her scythe and tells him that he already knows that situation by now. Haqua then says that a dangerous demon is outside and that they must get hurry to capture it. Keima then says that it is all her fault that she where been letting the demon escape which that Haqua smack him on the school board. Keima then says that the loose soul might be in a place full of negative energy.
Keima has an Idea

Keima has an idea

Haqua then says that it is right which she then says that since what the loose souls consume. Haqua then say that they will disappear if they cannot find any negative energy. Keima where then been thinking where they can find a place with negative energy. Keima and Haqua where been entering the baseball field which Keima says that it is a place always been plagued by negative energy. Haqua then says that the team of them sucks. After that they found the delinquents that where been eating in the shadow saying that they will kill Katsuragi if he not get lost. Haqua then says that they are just negative by nature not at its own. Keima then ask Haqua that the negative energy must come from a human being.
Keima is leaving Haqua

Keima is leaving Haqua

Haqua then says that it is not needed. Keima then thinks hard to find a place around school with negative energy. Keima then brought her to the theater. Haqua is not impressed by it which Keima says that the Theater has been used as an graveyard or as an battlefield which that he says that there will be ghosts. Haqua then says that they don't exists and walks in the theater. Haqua then says that the place makes it a little bit creepy, after she stepped in the theater fully, her sensor then goes off saying that there is a signal which that the demon must be around the theater. Haqua then says that they cannot afford carelessness and tells Keima to stay close by her. Keima then says that he will get leaving by now. Haqua then runs to Keima telling him why he's leaving. Keima then says that he won't be any help at here and from here it is Haqua's job.

Elsie is facing the Loose Soul

Elsie and the Loose Soul

Haqua then agrees with Keima and says that she isn't familiar with the building. Keima then says that it doesn't matter since she already has caught ten loose souls. Haqua then tells Keima that he must wait and she then starts to tell the truth saying that she doesn't has captured a loose soul yet. She then says that everyone else evenly Elsie has managed to capture a loose soul. She then says that she was only good at school. Keima then ask her why but the sensor of her goes off which that it contains Elsie. Elsie says that she has found the loose soul saying that it is terrible. Haqua then ask where Elsie is right now which Elsie says that everyone at the school theater is..and yells at Haqua that she must get hurry. Keima and Haqua are looking at a door while Elsie where been facing the demon.


  • The balloons Keima holds (as he recounts Haqua's explanation of loose souls and the demon world) look like the ghost "Boo" from the Super Mario Brothers series.
  • The delinquents were playing board game in the original manga but in the anime, it was changed to eating cup noodles
  • The pitcher resembles Anisawa Meito from Anime Tenchou. He is also voiced by Tomokazu Seki, the same seiyuu who voices Anisawa Meito.
  • Possibly due to the need of censorship, some of the more violent scenes from the manga was not present in the anime adaption.
  • We finally learn how the loose souls came to be and why they lie dormant in people's hearts.

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