The Better for My Enemy

The Better for My Enemy

ザ ベター フォー マイ エネミー
Za betā fō mai enemī
Chapter Info
Release Date October 25th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.248
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
The Taming of the Shrew

The Better for My Enemy is the 248th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


As Keima's and Kaori's showdown continues, she says that Keima will surely save her, because, while they're similar, the difference is that Keima is a good person at heart. The invisible Tenri and Dokuro quietly watch the scene, while Elsie watches the clock device on the school, wondering whether Kaori should be saved at all.

Keima - 16-bit

Kaori compares the real world with video games.

Kaori tells Keima that he's wasting his life by helping other people, as the only way to succeed is to sacrifice others. She brings up a game-world example, stating that, in the reality, everybody's playing their own games and interfering with each other. Keima disagrees with her, saying that he might have seen the ideal world and will keep seeking the true ending.

Kaori implores him to remove her collar, but Keima states that he's an ally of the demons and thus wants their plan to succeed. As the students are getting impatient about Kaori's play not starting, Keima tells her to use any trump cards she may have. Kaori brings out a small device, but Dokuro hits it away from her and holds her, preventing movement.

Keima picks up the device, which, as Kaori tells him, can turn off the clock machine. Keima proceeds to throw it out of the window, making Kaori despair, and leave the room, telling her that nobody who seeks an easy solution to a difficult game may reach its true ending. Kaori beats on the door, yelling at him to save her.

Dokuro tells Keima that Kaori wanted to be friends with him and Tenri implores him to save her, after all. Keima says that her collar has been removed, as Dokuro shows it. With the countdown on the clock device almost reaching its finish, Keima says that it's time to end this stage.

Kaori - Time Stopper

Keima picks up the control device.



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