Flag 242

Chapter Info
Release Date September 7th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.242
Volume Volume 24
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
Love's Labour's Lost
Love's Not Time's Fool

Tempest (テンペスト Tenpesuto) is the 242nd chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Tenri is standing in front of the door to the room with Keima inside, to prevent Kaori from disturbing him. Kaori raises her chair above her head and is about to hit Tenri, but the invisible Elsie knocks it away with her hagoromo, startling Kaori and making her recall a number of strange things that happened recently.

Kaori - Elsie's Intervention

Elsie knocks the chair off Kaori's hands.

At this moment, Kaori's followers arrive and excitedly inform her that it's almost play time, urging her to come prepare the stage. Immediately shifting to her amicable mask, Kaori agrees and follows them, saying goodbye to Tenri.

As soon as she leaves, Tenri and Elsie try to open the door to reach Keima, but it's shut tight and appears to have no keyhole. Keima yells from the inside, asking them not to open it. He tells Tenri that it's not safe for her to be by his hide and thus he has to abandon her.

Keima further elaborates that Tenri is essential for linking the past to his future, but he doesn't want to involve her and so will seek a route in which he can bear the burden himself.

Tenri - Fragmented Dimension

Tenri and Elsie arrive upon an anomaly.

At Tenri's request, Elsie busts down the door, revealing an endless open chasm on the other side, with the classroom with Keima in it floating away from the school. Keima shows up in the classroom's doorway, telling Tenri not to go to the play and to hide until nightfall, so that she will be able to avoid Vintage. As he bids her goodbye, she attempts to jumps across the chasm, trying to reach him.

Tenri, Keima - Talk

Solemn talk.

Since Tenri is unable to fly, she flails about and immediately falls downwards, but some assistance from an unexpected burst of air lifts her back up, allowing Keima to catch her.

Keima then yells at Tenri that she should go back, as Tenri tells him that she came because she thought he was crying. As the classroom shakes violently, they both fall into it, where Tenri urges Keima to have a talk.



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