Shine a Light

Flag 264

Shine(シャイン) a() Light(ライト)
Shain a raito
Chapter Info
Release Date March 19, 2014
Chapter FLAG.264[1]
Volume Volume 26
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
You Can't Always Get What You Want

Shine a Light is the 264th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


In the past, Ayumi and Chihiro were yelling at Keima for stealing Chihiro's bike, to which he just removed his wig and walked away. In the blank space in the present, the goddess hosts were wondering how much time had passed, when Keima contacted them, saying that he is done and can be summoned back.

Vulcan, speaking via Luna, took charge, asking all the hosts to release as much power as they can, remind them that it stems from their love for Keima. When they brought to attention that Tenri and Ayumi are still missing, though, the two have arrived.

Tenri gave the remaining hosts Keima's letter to read, while Vulcan warned them that, should they succeed, they're appear right in the middle of the colossus attack. She said that the goddesses will take over then, though. After being done reading, the hosts wondered whether they met Keima just for this, but Ayumi wasn't in the mood to contemplate, simply wanting him back so that she can smack him.

All the hosts combined their powers

The hosts combining their powers

All the hosts combined their powers, recalling the moments when their love for Keima was the strongest. This caused a beam of light to rise from the Akanemaru in the past and towards Keima in the present, and at the same time the collars on the future hosts to shine.

As the goddess hosts left the blank space, they found themselves in the air above the smashed Akanemaru and the colossi, the passage device completely destroyed now. They started falling down, along with the unconscious Keima.


  • This chapter's title is a reference to a song from the Rolling Stones.


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