Flag 259

Chapter Info
Release Date January 29, 2014
Chapter FLAG.259[1]
Volume Volume 26
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
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Shattered is the 259th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Box cutter wrapping Dokuro

Lune wraps and entangles Dokuro with her box cutter.

Lune and Dokuro are still fighting, Lune stating that she has the upper hand, because Dokuro's body is human and thus not resistant to wounds and magic like hers. She pulls out the box cutter from her leg and wraps it around Dokuro, who doesn't want to win, but rather buy Keima and the goddesses some time.

The box cutter digs into Dokuro's body, while in the past Keima and Elsie are leaving the Akanemaru, having given up on contacting the future for now. In the present, the goddess hosts and grandpa Shiratori are going through an underground passage towards Akanemaru, the latter worrying about them being clear prey should the passage be discovered. Tenri eases his worries, saying that, once they rescue Keima, Diana will help.

Colossi crush Akanemaru

The colossi smash the Akanemaru

Lune continues digging the box cutter into Dokuro, while mocking the soft human bodies, when the barrier underneath them breaks and they fall onto the time machine, Lune being impaled by a spike on it. Dokuro says that she'll only allow herself to die when she finishes her work and that she willingly destroyed the barrier, which she has set up previously. However, with that the colossi outside notice that something is happening within the ship and one of them smashes it.


  • This chapter's title is a reference to a song from The Rolling Stones.


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