Settled With a Fist

Flag 14.0

Ikken rakuchaku
Episode Info
Air Date April 19th, 2011
Target Kasuga Kusunoki
Adapted from Manga Chapter 21
Episode 14.0
Episode (Original) 2.0
Arc Kusunoki Kasuga Arc
Opening Song A Whole New World God Only Knows
Ending Song Ai no Yokan
Episode Guide
A Lone Flower Blooming
The District Chief Comes!

Settled With a Fist (一拳落着, Ikken rakuchaku) is the 2nd episode of the second season and the 14th episode in all.


Everyone Watches Kusunoki

Every boy watches Kusunoki pass by

Their date goes on in the Maijima Wai Wai Road. They've where been walking which each other noticing that every boy in the city watches Kusunoki. Kusunoki then is ashamed because everyone is looking at her and tells Keima that it isn't a date and that they're only doing it to overcome her weakness so that she can become a powerful martial artist.
Kusunoki punches Keima

Kusunoki punches Keima

She then tells further that it is just part of the plan and that Keima must not get a wrong idea of it. Keima said that he won't which Kusunoki then punches Keima right in the face. Keima wonders why she hits him. They boys in the Wai Wai Road are still looking at Kusunoki which she where thinking that clothes feel right and wishes that she just worn her school uniform. Then it has been seen how Elsie where giving the dress to Kusunoki. Keima then says that it was the idea to make her weak. Kusunoki says that she understands which she goes to Keima saying that it just goes too far.
Everyone Watches Kusunoki2

Everyone looks at Kusunoki

She then strolls back saying that it is embarrassing that everyone is staring and thinks that they all are laughing at her. Keima says that it isn't true and says that the reason why they are looking at her is because she's cute. The Spirit inside Kusunoki awakens again which showing the emotion that she blushes. Kusunoki then beats up Keima again for the reason that he told her that they are looking at her because she's cute. Keima then reminds her that the loose soul is right behind her which Kusunoki is starts to attack her other self. The other self has blocked her attack and returned in Kusunoki's body.
Keima is angry at Elsie

Keima is angry at Elsie

She was surprised that she has blocked her attack which leaving Keima beaten on the ground. Keima then stands up talking to himself and gives Elsie the blame. He then sees Elsie behinds him which Elsie says that he must fight. They're then where been heading to the game shop after that Keima where seeing a PFP version of an game he likes. Kusunoki stand on that corner saying that Keima is an idiot and tells him what she must do in an game shop. Keima then says that he doesn't know any places then the game shop. Kusunoki looks behind saying that he's the epitome of weak. Keima then tells Kusunoki that she can choose the places where they are going.
Sale on Athletic Tape

Kusunoki on Athletic Tape

They were then been heading to an martial arts store where Kusunoki tells Keima to look at an Judo Uniform. Kusunoki then ask Keima if she wants soft or hard. Elsie that is hiding behind the judo uniforms saying that it doesn't looks like a date. They where been walking outside the shop which Kusunoki where saying that they have some trouble to connect with each other because they have other interest. Keima then says if she wants to hold hands with him. Kusunoki then yells at him saying that he's an idiot because she wasn't talking about a physical connection and that it was to early for that.
Kusunoki's Score

High Score of Kusunoki

Score of Keima

High Score of Keima

Keima then sees behind that Elsie is trying to catch the loose soul inside Kusunoki but failed. Kusunoki then says that they need to connect on an emotional level and ask Keima to think of something. Keima and Kusunoki then wend to the arcade playing a game where you must hit the lobsters. Kusunoki then says that it is a game of game and martial arts and that it is a great way for them to connect. Kusunoki then says that she's afraid that Martial Arts will win of the game and hits the lobsters perfectly. She where finished which her score is 728, which she says that she has the today high score and sees that Keima has achieved the score of 999. She then tries again but then with more violent, Keima where asking her to leave the arcade, but Kusunoki doesn't want that until she beaten Keima's high score.
Kusunoki and Keima at the Funfair

Keima and Kusunoki at the Funfair

Later they went to the movies about a boy that where falling down in an church. Kusunoki looks ate it but Keima where been playing one of his games. Kusunoki then stands up saying that the boy is weak which she where telling the boy that he can overcome whenever he wants. After the movies they went to the funfair playing the attractions that they have at there. They where then been taking pictures but it doesn't seems that great after that Elsie looked at it.
Keima and Kusunoki taking Pictures

Picture of Keima and Kusunoki

After that they took pictures and have "fun" at the funfair Kusunoki where been passing by a shop that caught her attention seeing an violet dress. Keima then looks that there is hinted that the progress with her works. They were then heading towards the Night Public Park. They sat on the Swing seat. Keima says that it isn't working which Kusunoki agrees. Keima then says that what they have done today is considered weak. Kusunoki then thinks that Keima is awkward which she thinks that Keima shall think about her that she enjoyed herself. Keima then says that it wasn't an date after all, but Kusunoki where saying that it isn't over.
Ice Cream

Plan to get rid of the Loose Soul

She then says that she won't stop until she gets rid of the loose soul which she refuse to give up. She then says that there is something that they can do and looks around too search for something extremely weak. She then sees something and tells Keima to look over there. Keima become in a shock which Kusunoki where saying to try that out. They bough an Ice Cream which they are supposed to eat it together. They where then been heading to the ice cream together which later Kusunoki struggles when Keima is prepared to do it either.
Ice Cream2

They Lick It

She then is burned up to get the ice cream as she thinks that the ice cream they hold together is an path that she takes to become an warrior. Together they licked the Ice Cream which that the loose soul breaks free. Kusunoki then starts to battled the loose soul saying that it is the femininity that she abandoned. They where then been prepared to battle with each other which Kusunoki challenged her. Keima where been watching the start if the battle saying that he doesn't know for sure who will win but he sees the ending. The Loose Soul then says that she decided to life like an woman but Kusunoki says that it is no need about it if you want to become strong. They then starts to battle each other.
Kusnoki fights her Soul

Kusunoki is fighting the Soul

Keima and Elsie where been hiding in the bushes. Elsie says that Keima must stop them but Keima where saying that he don't saying that he will die for sure. Elsie then comes on an idea to create garments for Keima to protect him. Keima says that he doesn't need it because there's no reason to stop them because the emptiness in their hearts can't be filled until the battle has finished. The Loose Soul then says that she has to hold back when she was little, which gives a sign in the past of Kusunoki. At her dojo they where been talking that Kusunoki is very strong evenly mens has problems beating her and thinks that Kusunoki's father must be worried not having an a male heir and thinks that the Kasuga School will be in good hands as long as they got Kusunoki. Kusunoki then thinks that she always was been an men because she had no other choice.
Kusnoki tells Keima to shut up

Kusnoki tells Keima to shut up

Kusunoki then runs to the loose soul saying to shut up. The battle continues as result that Kusunoki is getting beaten by the loose soul. The Loose soul then says that she doesn't care about martial arts and from today she will become the real Kusunoki. Kusunoki then is surprised that the Loose Soul is stronger than her which she doesn't get it because she supposed to represent her weakness. The loose soul holds Kusunoki arm much tighter saying that she must admit her defeat. Kusunoki says that she cannot allow herself to be defeated because she must be strong or else the Kasuga school will be vanished. The loose soul then says that the dojo deserves it to fall apart and pushes Kusunoki hard to the ground. Keima appeared helping Kusunoki to stand up.
Flower On Kusunoki's Head

Flower on Kusunoki's head

Kusunoki then smacks Keima hand away, Keima then says that if she want he can tell her how to defeat her. Keima then says that it will take a moment. Kusunoki doesn't need his help and wants that he gets out of her fight. Keima then says that it is very simple which putting an flower on Kusunoki's head. Kusunoki then ask Keima what the meaning of that is. Keima then says to accept her to defeat her. Keima then says that she most become an feminine and to become strong. He is then been beating again by Kusunoki which Kusunoki grabs Keima saying that he mustn't not make it sound that easy because he doesn't respect martial arts. The Loose Soul then is been grabbing on Keima's hair which she says that she mustn't fall for his sweet talks which she will devote herself as a woman. After that they both where saying that they must chose one path and sacrifice the other, Keima stands up saying that they can do both.
Angry Kusunoki's

Angry Kusunoki's

The two Kusunoki's then reacts angry which Keima is shocked saying that there are plenty of things which are both cute and strong. And takes and example with an cat saying that they are fearsome hunters that prey on mice. Kusunoki then says that humans are not like cats and the Loose soul where saying that Keima mustn't group them together.
Elsie's causing a rip in the ground

Elsie's Cause

Keima denies that and says that humans can both be cute and strong which he then shows to Elsie. Elsie is then standing on the jungle gym which she then jumps off it and hits the ground which it rips. She then ask if this suite is amazing. Keima then says that it is enough and that she can go. Kusunoki then says that it is an waste of time to listen to Keima's nonsense. Keima then says that something gained through sacrifice will be incomplete. He then starts to walk to them and tells them what has been happened before. After that Keima where saying that the date was a waste of time, the original agrees that it was an waste of time but not the loose soul. The loose soul where saying that she had a lot of fun spending time with Keima which she then says that Kusunoki had a lot of fun herself.
Other side of Kusunoki

Other side of Kusunoki

The other self of Kusunoki where been heading to Keima saying that she likes the idea of cute and strong martial artist but she isn't still ready for it. The loose soul then says that she gives up saying that she will let her have her own way. After that the loose soul where saying that after Kusunoki has achieved the side as an martial artist she can be an real female too. Kusunoki agrees on that which the loose souls where saying that she wanna do one thing before she leaves.
Keima and Kusunoki are kissing

The ending

She then enters inside Kusunoki's body and tries to kiss Keima, but Kusunoki and Keima where been struggling not to. The loose soul then appears which Kusunoki says that she can't do that without her permission. Inside Kusunoki's body, she where asking Kusunoki if she likes Keima. Kusunoki then looks to Keima and start to kiss him. The loose soul came out of Kusunoki's body which later has been captured by Elsie. After all that, Kusunoki where been training in her dojo seeing her later hugging an cat. At the end she where been holding the flower what Keima has gave her and the rice crackers and some tea.
Haqua Arrives

Haqua has arrived

At the School park, Elsie were saying that it has surprised her because it is the first time that peoples can split in two. Keima weere saying she must not be impressed. She then says that it has been mentioned in the Manual. Keima reacts angry because there is an manual. When she watch in the manual it turns out to be an cooking book. Elsie's sensor went off but turned off. Another demon had then appeared opening an bottle. She were saying that she must get out of the way. The Demon were then been sucking Elsie which she comes to her and noticed her. The mysterious demon turned out to be Haqua.


  • At around the 4 minutes mark, the billboards in the background looks like an anime posters. The left looks like a mix of Tsukihime and the Higurashi title, and the one with "Random" is a spoof of the poster of Shuffle!.
  • The theatre seems to be playing a parody of 'Flanders no Inu', where Flander's dog (Patrash) is replaced by a pig.
  • The song playing in the video game store is Happy Crescent , sung by Kanon .

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