Settled With a Fist

Chapter 21

Ikken rakuchaku
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.21[1]
Volume Volume 3
Arc Kusunoki Kasuga Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 14
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A Victory and a Crushing Defeat
The District Chief Comes!

Settled With a Fist (一拳落着, Ikken rakuchaku) is the 21st chapter of The World God Only Knows.


The battle between the two personalities of Kusunoki has finally come. Elsie says to Keima that they should stop the two, but he states that he doesn't want to risk being hit by their one-hit-kill punches. Elsie, using her robe, brings out a set of armor, but Keima doesn't wish to use it. He sees that stopping the two will not fill up the gap in Kusunoki's heart. During that time, spirit Kusunoki is beating the real Kusunoki. The real one is thrown by the spirit, only to be caught by Keima. He says that he has the answer for kusunoki to win against her soft-side.


How to win

She asks him what it is and he places a flower upon her ear, saying that having a cute yet strong martial arts is the best way. Kusunoki, along with the spirit Kusunoki, rejects the offer, asking how a cute yet strong martial arts is better. Keima responds proudly that there are many things in the world that are both cute and strong, in games. The two Kusunoki's once again argue that such things are not possible in real life.

Knowing he'll be asked this, he had asked Elsie to wear the armor that she made earlier. Keima once again states that people even in the real can be both cute and strong. Elsie appears on top of the play structure and jumps off, only to land and make the earth break into two.


Both cute and strong

The two Kusunoki's are still in disbelief, but Keima asks her if she's trying to become stronger. He asks if their plan, their date that day was not wasted. As the real-Kusunoki starts to state that it was a waste, the spirit Kusunoki cuts in and says it was not a waste, more of that it was fun. The spirit Kusunoki knows that the real Kusunoki had fun because they both are the same person. The spirit Kusunoki states that she has had enough for the day and that she'll submit to the real Kusunoki. glad to hear this, the real kusunoki agrees. But before the two merges back together, the spirit Kusunoki wishes to do one more thing. The real Kusunoki doesn't know what she means, but the spirit Kusunoki merges and takes control. She draws Keima close to her, wishing to kiss him.



The real Kusunoki asks what's happening, only to hear the spirit Kusunoki ask if she doesn't like Keima. Before she knows it, Keima and Kusunoki kiss, releasing the spirit inside Kusunoki. It is seen later that Kusunoki is unconscious, as Elsie is in bliss that they have captured another spirit. Keima is very tired from this conquest. At that same moment, someone is looming above the two and seems to know Elsie.