SSeikesshou Albatross vol1

Cover of the first volume.

Seikesshō Albatross (聖結晶アルバトロス, "Holy Crystal Albatross") is a manga series written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki that was done by him before he started TWGOK. The manga serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine by Shogakukan from 2006 to 2007, but this was actually due to an accident. There are two prototypes for the manga which are Information Thief Group Albatross (情報盗団アルバトロス Jōhō Tōdan Arubatorosu) and The Scarlet Gem Phantom Thief Albatross (緋石の怪盗アルバトロス Hiseki no Kaitō Arubatorosu). However, the series was canceled halfway, giving a clichéd ending after the final chapter.


One day, junior high-schooler Yuuki helps a girl from another class, a weird girl known throughout the school as the "Trash Girl." Because of this selfless act, Yuuki's life undergoes a dramatic change. It is then revealed the "trash girl" is Asakura. And through a series of mishaps, Asakura is actually an alien called "monobail" who is searching for holy crystals to save the world from evil "monobailes". After agreeing with Asakura to help her search for these crystals, Yuuki encounters many monobailes (Whose elements are based on the periodic table of elements).

Due to the series being cancelled, Yuuki and Asakaru were only able to get 2 of the 5 crystals, thereafter leaving an open end to the story.


  • Pigeon-chan

    Pigeon-chan seems to look a lot like Tenri

    Few characters in Seikesshou Albatross have some resemblance with characters from Wakaki's later work, The World God Only Knows. Few examples include:
    • Pigeon (more notable known as "Pigeon-chan") who resembles Tenri Ayukawa in appearance, while her personality can relate more closely to Nikaido.
    • Rika, who is the childhood friend of the protagonist, Yuuki, closely resembles Ayumi Takahara in both looks and personality.
  • The character Hiroko Matsumiya (nicknamed Mappy) was in fact directly given a role from this manga to The World God Only Knows, although she receives a much lesser role at "named-mob character" level.
  • The Mai-High Delinquents also first appeared in this manga, bullying Asakura. Even in The World God Only Knows, they are still a trio of bullies.
  • It is revealed in one of the Omake of The World God Only Knows that Kusunoki was based on Misato Shinohara, the mother of the protagonist, Yuuki.
  • Similar to how the heroines' surnames are derived after train stations in The World God Only Knows, many characters (especially the monobailes) in this series are named after birds, which includes the series title(Seikesshou Albatross).
    • Princess Albatross' human guise's name is Sakura Asakura and like the heroines of The World God Only Knows is named after a train station, Asakura Station.
  • The observatory from Seikesshou Albatross is seen in a picture in the Shiratori house.
  • Wakaki has written out a blog that answers questions as to what plot, themes and characters would have appeared if the story continued. In general, this is a spoiler to what Albatross would have been about.