Scramble Formation

Flag 118 Cover

Sukuranburu fōmēshon
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.118[1]
Volume Volume 13
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 29.0
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Look Back in Anger

Scramble Formation (クランブルフォーメーション, Sukuranburu fōmēshon) is the 118th chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Apollo's message

The plan to find the other goddesses and protect them is going to start. Keima shows Elsie and Haqua a strange version of a runaway spirit sensor. Keima tests it out on Diana and when it showed the spot where the goddess was, Keima and the others then knew that it was a detector to find the goddesses. Keima then explains them that "Vintage" wants to finish them to restore Old Hell. Keima evenly sees that the sensors are poor and evenly were been warning that they must going to bring the other goddesses in save. Diana then tells Keima that a message had been sent to her sisters and that they won't appear easily anymore, Diana then tells them to look up to the sky and sees a strange magic circle. Diana then explains that it is an old writing of heaven which there on "Hell betrayed us, don't trust anyone".


The Jupiter sisters

Later on Diana also explains that Apollo was a medium, and that Diana also thinks that her sisters won't trust her either because she looks different now than before on their last meeting. Keima then says that he will not need the sensor and evenly says that they will be fine after the message. Diana knows that Keima has a plan and evenly goes and tells him that he must only call her when he really needs her power. Keima then wants to know how many sisters Diana has. Diana then tells him that she has six sisters: Vulcan, Apollo, Diana, Minerva, Mars, Mecury and together they are called the Jupiter sisters. Diana then goes back as Tenri and Keima tells Tenri to go home and tells her stuffs that she must going to do about not to lose Diana.


Elsie disguised as Kanon

Later, they must go to make a plan about what they are going to do, but Keima were been telling that someone must going to replace Kanon, the only person that knows all kinds of things of Kanon is Elsie. After they dressed up Elsie as Kanon, they send her to the Narusawa TV Station, were Kanon must going to sing. Keima has only planned for a week and ask Haqua to be his buddy. Haqua then accepts the request and their plan begins.


  • Scramble Formation - Known as "Tokio" Japan, it's a 1986 Shoot'em-Up game developed by Taito Corp