School Wars

Chapter 38

Sukūru wōzu
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.38[1]
Volume Volume 5
Arc Teaching Trainee Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 22.0
Chapter Guide
Class 2-B Miss Nagase
Eager Times

School Wars (スクール☆ウォーズ, Sukūru wōzu) is the 38th chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Jun's Determination

Keima is upset by the fact that Jun Nagase is approaching him, when he hasn't still chosen how to approach this student-teacher relationship. Thinking that filling her with goodness won't work, Keima says that he should fill her up with rage based on Jun's characteristics, instead of making a good student-teacher relation become turned into a love relation. The reason is because if Keima makes a single mistake in the teachers route, he will have to wait till graduation, which is too far in the future. While Keima is supporting "The Worst Relationship", Jun is wishing for to become his favorite teacher.


Failed plans

Keima enacts his first plan: play lots and lots of games in class. Keima expects that Jun will become upset, but she does not. The next plan: don't participate in PE activities. Seeing this, Jun passes a soccer ball to Keima. As it comes to him, he kicks it so hard that it hits Nikaido who was close by. As Nikaido starts to beat up Keima, Jun comes in to protect him. From there on, Keima and Elsie tries out many plans in order to make Jun angry, but none of them succeeds.


"You don't understand anything"

After homeroom on one day, Keima is about head for home, but Jun approaches from behind. She challenges Keima to play against her as a gamer, for she is holding a newly bought PFP. As Jun learns how to play, she starts to tell Keima that there are more important things than games. She states that she'll help bring him back to reality. But Keima rejects the offer, saying that she does not understand. He tells Jun also that shouldn't press her thoughts upon others. Keima is about this continue ridiculing Jun when Elsie interrupts. Elsie takes Keima out of the classroom as Jun goes into deep thought of her own past.

Outside the classroom, Keima explains to Elsie that most of the current routes are to dangerous, for Jun is a teacher and he is a student. He has found a step to create one so he can get up to the teacher's level, and that step is a third person who ties him and Jun together: Nikaido.


  • This chapter's title references スクール☆ウォーズ (Sukūru wōzu), a Japanese TV drama


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