Kanji Name サテュロス
Romaji Name Satyurosu
Status Active
Leader Unknown
Date of Formation Sometime after the formation of New Hell
Members Select members from various distinguished families of Hell
  • To restore Old hell
  • To capture/enslave the goddesses
Location Unknown
Manga Debut Chapter 224(Mentioned)

Satyr (サテュロス, Satyurosu) is a secret organization that, like Vintage, intends to bring back the glory of Old Hell while using and enslaving the Jupiter Sisters as well.


Satyr was created by a very select group of Old devils from distinguished families and was named after an Old Devil as well. Because of their powerful political background, Satyr was able to control both Vintage and the Runaway Spirit Squad to do their bidding.

And whenever evil deeds occur, it is believed that Satyr were the ones that were indirectly responsible for it.

Main Goal

Like Vintage, Satyr intends to restore Old Hell but unlike Vintage, they intend to take over and control the goddesses. To do that, they would run on both sides. When the great runaway spirit escape occurred, Satyr used the Runaway Spirit Squad to capture the runaway spirits while letting Vintage to secretly locate and find the goddesses. Once Vintage found the goddesses, Satyr will then use their runaway spirit squad to crush Vintage and take the goddesses for themselves.

It is later revealed that they intend on using the Goddesses to revive a "weapon" to break Old Hell's seal.


  • Roudret Ruhm Lentrant (One of the four true leaders of Vintage and a leader of the Runaway Spirit Squad)
  • Three other unnamed chair devils (The other three out of the four actual leaders of Vinatge and one of leaders of the Runaway Spirit Squad)
  • Lune (Vintage executive)

It is also known that there are other members who are within various positions in New Hell's government, including the Public Safety Department, and the various branches of the Runaway Spirit Squad.


  • In Greek mythology satyrs are creatures, featuring a human body with goat-like features, such as the ears, the tail and ram-like horns. They are lovers of wine and women and are ready for every physical pleasure.

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