Romeo's Cloudy Skies

237 ~ Romeo's Cloudy Skies

Romio no kumori sora
Chapter Info
Release Date July 27th 2013
Chapter FLAG.237
Volume Volume 24
Arc Heart of Jupiter
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Love is a Smoke
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Romeo's Cloudy Skies (ロミオのくもり空 Romio no kumori sora) is the 237th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Elsie ~ Romeo & Juliet

Tragic parting.

In the classroom, Elsie narrates Romeo & Juliet to Keima, who states that it's a boring story. Elsie vehemently disagrees, to which he responds that, since it's a tragedy, it's a 'bad ending' and that nobody who likes bad endings could call themselves a gamer.

Afterwards, they discuss Kaori's choice of the play as the duel medium, for which Keima admires her. Elsie wonders whether he'll manage to conquer Kaori by winning the duel and he responds that, if he doesn't, they'll reach the bad ending. He also says that they need Tenri for this endeavor, so she can't just sit in the classroom doing nothing this time. She quickly agrees to performing the play, which confuses Keima, and they set out for the gym.

They notice that Kaori's followers have placed posters for the duel everywhere already and are greeted by Kaori herself upon reaching the gym. She has prepared identical stages, costumes and scripts and reminds them that the plays will start at 4pm and they can have public rehearsals until then. She also states that the conditions are equal, making it fair.

Keima notices that the place is filled with Kaori's followers and that he can no longer hide Tenri, which means that Kaori has an advantage, but he knows that it's required for her conquest to go smoothly. Kaori introduces a girl from her class who will play Romeo and both teams start practicing.

School Play ~ Kiss

Keima and Tenri are rendered speechless.

Tenri stutters while playing Juliet, as she's thinking about how Keima suddenly started talking to her a lot, even though they didn't talk at all despite being neighbors until then. She thinks that she'd like to talk to him more, when Keima gets her attention for not reading her lines. Kaori looks from her stage, satisfied that Keima fails to notice Tenri's growing affection for him and calls some of her followers, tasking them with "supporting" Tenri. As Keima and Tenri continue the script, they suddenly notice a kiss scene on the balcony, which prompts Keima to go to Kaori, asking Elsie to look over Tenri.

As Tenri sits idly on the stage, Kaori's followers arrive, saying they've heard about her love for Keima, and give her various charms and amulets that are supposed to help her. They take off before she has a chance to respond that they're wrong.

Keima ~ Venomous Kiss

The kiss of ill-intent.

Tenri continues to dutifully wait for Keima, but eventually notices that he has been taking a long time. His absence worries her and ultimately causes her to stand up, dropping the charms. She then heads toward Keima's general direction while Elsie hurries right behind her. After making her way through the backstage, she hears Keima's and Kaori's voices and, upon reaching them, witnesses them kissing.


  • When Keima and Tenri mentioned about the kiss - a Kiss poster appeared behind them


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